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Genoa City for the week of March 10 - 14:

For those who don't like too much 'stupid' in their "Y&R," this week was a bit trying. Thoughts:

She's alive.
The week kicked off with the Cassie clone mouthing off to Victor, who threatened to have her arrested for 'that thing that happened in Portland'. Hmm. So she carried on with her assignment, searching Sharon's house while she made love with Nick upstairs. After that, the 'stupid' began. Sharon encountered faux Cassie downstairs and argued with her, and although their voices were equally loud, Nick only heard Sharon. Dumb or just soapy? Soaps.com poster, Fiddlers Daughter, commented:

"Nick hears Sharon talking but, in true soap opera style, he can’t hear a word Cassie is saying and can’t possibly make it downstairs in time to see Cassie before she goes running out the door!"

It got worse. Victor just happened to show up at Crimson Lights of all places at the exact right moment to hear Sharon's former therapist discussing her secret. This was topped by Sharon grabbing the Cassie lookalike in the cemetery and jumping to the conclusion that Cassie never died. What? Not only did Sharon see her die, but would she really believe that if Cassie were alive she'd be stalking her and calling her awful names in the cemetery? Should we even talk about the implausibility of the Cassie clone popping up all over town and not being seen by anyone but Sharon? Make it stop.

No free lunch.
Well, Jack's little plan to finesse Kelly into leaving Genoa City backfired. It was interesting how they set it up so that he invited her to lunch after learning there was no change with Phyllis. Hehe. In other news, Victoria's feelings were still all over the map, Stitch clearly is struggling with his feelings for Victoria, and though the Billy/Dylan friendship was a high point, the NuOldBilly recast continued to be an issue for many. Does he seem too young? Regarding the scene in the Athletic Club gym, Soaps.com poster, rukiddingme62, commented:

"NuBilly next to Dylan and Stitch looked like a Jr. Varsity Football player in Jr. High School compared to those two, who looked like Professional Football Players."

NuOldBilly's dialogue has been under scrutiny as well, which suggests that it might be best to stop giving him lines that try to infuse the character with the former Billy's innate swagger but just come off cringe-y. As for Stitch and Kelly's past, she called him a 'murderer' this week, which led many to wonder if he was responsible for the death of her son. Perhaps, but that doesn't explain why all of their first encounters involved Stitch treating Kelly as though she was contemptible. Let Soaps.com know your opinion on Billy by voting in our Y&R Poll: Is the Billy recast working?

Love doesn't conquer all.
Most viewers have had 'up to here' with Neil's dramatics regarding marriage, which don't even make sense. Honestly, let Leslie chat with Karen and Sofia and then get back to Neil on that topic. Yeesh. At least Neil had the wherewithal to warn Devon about Esmerelda. It's so unlike Devon to not see right through this girl, but perhaps he does and is just having his fun. It's surprising Lily hasn't pegged Esmerelda as a golddigger too. There's still time for that. Meanwhile, Colin continued to 'work' on Cane - seems he really is angling to get him back to Chancellor. The big question is, "Why?" Loved Lauren mixing it up with Colin and the Winters family too - good to see people out of their 'bubbles'.

A strange bird.
Dylan and Paul continue to be preoccupied with Ian's 'secret'. Speculation is strong that Dylan will turn out to be Paul's son. Christine may be able to deal with Paul eating Nikki's Cobb salad, but could she handle them sharing a child together? What about Victor's reaction? He just began to lighten up about Dylan too.

He went home.
So, the homeless man's version of events didn't exactly add up. Chelsea, happy to grasp at straws, wasn't giving up though. Victor's reaction to her determination makes one wonder if he doesn't already know more.

Yuks and chuckles.
Loved seeing Jeffrey! His talk about being a better father and such was worrisome, however. His dysfunction is what makes his character so deliciously obnoxious. It would be disappointing to see him softened up like Anita's character was - why make interesting characters lose their edge and become boring?

Mental wreck.
That noise you heard when Chloe agreed to marry Kevin again was viewers collectively banging their heads against walls. On a positive note, Gloria blurting out home truths at the Club was awesome!

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- Candace Young