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A look at Genoa City for the week of March 3 - 7:

After the brief intrigue of Chloe running off to Paris with Connor and Ian Ward's arrest, "Y&R" was back to being 'middle-of-the-road' this week. Thoughts:

A brief seance.
Cassie's lookalike must have taken a vacation this week - there was no follow-up on the photo-bombing scare. This gave Sharon time to get even closer to Nick, of course, so that when the DNA secret comes out it will be even more devastating to him. Sometimes it seems the truth will never be revealed! When it does, I wonder if Nick will remember all these conversations he and Sharon had about Summer's paternity when she had a chance to come clean. Bottom line: Hoping this storyline picks up the pace.

Cleaning up messes.
There are a variety of opinions out there as to why, but some viewers still feel that NuOldBilly has seemed like a fish out of water in his own storyline at times. It was almost awkward to see him threaten Stitch. Moving forward, if the writing accommodates this different version of Billy, it will probably work out fine. As for the storyline, the conflict has been very believable, with Victoria all over the place with her feelings, and Billy desperate to get back on solid ground in his marriage. Unfortunately, meeting Kelly and not telling Victoria probably hasn't helped his situation!

Pistol-packin' mama.
It's possible Noah is more afraid of his girlfriend these days than he is of his grandpa. Too funny!

I'll always love you.
If the music box storyline wasn't connected to Katherine, and didn't include the top-notch banter of Jill, Colin, and Esther, and Jill and Colin's sexual chemistry, it might be tedious - especially if you're not feeling the World War II theme. Fortunately, it has all of those elements, so as long as the mystery itself stays interesting and moves at a strong pace, it's all good. Loved Jill calling Colin 'Kangaroo Boy'!

No point even thinking about that...
Lily's forceful new attitude has people talking, especially given that only weeks ago she was so happy after having dodged a cancer scare. It's one thing for a character to become a bit edgier, and her attitude toward Hilary can be understood, but lately it seems like her intensity may be signaling that more is going on. Angrily confronting Tyler and Abby because Leslie dumped Neil, for example, was a tad eyebrow-raising. She even snapped at Cane at the end of Friday's show. Do you think Lily's just a little edgier, or is something bigger going on with her? Vote in Soaps.com's Y&R Poll: Is something up with Lily? Vote!

Worthless maggot.
The Victor/Ian face-off in the police station was pleasingly intense. The take away was that Victor appeared to have mellowed toward Dylan, and that Dylan is concerned about this 'secret' Ian alluded to knowing. Many believe it will be revealed that Paul, not Ian, is Dylan's papa. If so, the explanation should be a doozy, considering if Nikki and Paul had any idea they'd slept together back then, we can safely assume they would have discussed the possibility of Dylan being Paul's by now. That means if they conceived Dylan together, it was without their knowledge. Icky. Drugged by Ian perhaps? Egad.

Mental hospital?
Chloe's case needs to be dealt with so she can get help and then things need to move forward. This routine of Kevin clucking like a mother hen over her/about her is tired.

The Bonaventure storyline is showing promise. It's clearly going to be more complicated than Jack's imagining that it will be an open and shut case implicating Victor. It looks like Cane, and maybe even Colin, who encouraged Cane in the direction of Chancellor, could become players. Hmm.

He's out there.
Adam is alive, so it was probably a homeless guy looking for valuables in the car that died in the explosion. Anyway, Chelsea feels that Adam's not gone and turned to Victor to use his resources to find him. It was interesting that Victor didn't fully latch onto the idea of looking for Adam until Noah resigned.

Leaping for love.
I suppose Dylan's 'Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch' re-enactment in the park was supposed to be cute, but I think he and Avery have enough natural chemistry that they don't need to resort to such cheesy tactics, complete with a standing ovation out of nowhere. You just have to laugh...

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- Candace Young