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Restless Rant for the week of January 27 - 31:

Well, it was an intense week with twists. The big story was the confrontation between Billy and Adam, with the actors who play those roles wrapping up their runs, and the fallout surrounding the hit-and-run case. The name Kelly was deliberately shown on the license plate list again this week - could be foreshadowing that she will be revealed as the true hit-and-run driver at some point. Thoughts:

You're my family too.
Sharon kicked off the week by entertaining a roomful of people in her workout wear, but that wasn't the strangest happening in her day - she saw Cassie again after telling Summer that she was her family too, and listening to Nick painfully wax on about not getting to walk Summer down the aisle one day - all the while keeping the secret that affects them so profoundly. We get that it's tempting for Sharon to just let it ride and continue canoodling with Nick, but it's really not her, so something has to give soon. Imagine Jack trying to deal with that revelation on top of the news about Adam etc. Relapse time for sure - with Hilary as his savior this time perhaps? While they rock as friends and co-workers, the idea of a Jack/Hilary hook-up isn't going over big with viewers - they don't have that kind of chemistry. The scene with Kyle trying to force the issue of her crushing on Jack was just awkward.

Hil and Lil.
It doesn't look as though Lily will be adopting the party line about giving Hilary a second chance anytime soon, which is fine with us. Edgy, pissed off Lily is entertaining. This remains irksome: Why has no one ever questioned if Gus could be Hilary's father, thereby making her a half-sister to Tyler and Leslie? These otherwise intelligent people should have wondered about this possibility long before now.

You can't help.
Noah is such a cutie but he's just being made to look like a meathead in this Courtney storyline. The only thing that truly intrigues in all of this is the mystery surrounding hottie detective Alex/Zach. Waiting for more scenes with him and Gloria too...

Five minutes.
Abby's routine with running hot and cold toward Tyler has gone beyond unpleasant to unbearable. It makes her so unlikeable (the previous version of Abby had more depth), and has ruined the pairing, and the Tyler character, who now does nothing but kiss her behind.

The Path.
As creepy and slimy as Ian Ward is, especially now that he's shown an interest in Nikki's granddaughter Summer (eck!), this story still isn't any great shakes yet. There's potential. Dylan and Avery may be temporarily less dull as a result of his looming danger - it was plain Ian saw Avery as an obstacle between him and Dylan - or Dylan, Avery, and Nikki could end up on some sort of quest to save Summer, but there will have to be some twists to avoid being predictable.

Our miracle.
While some were no doubt groaning and/or confused to see Carmine alive and answering a door, others were thrilled to see that the sexy bad boy was still around - if only they hadn't written the character into a corner. Of course, this could be a twin or something... Anyway, there's suddenly a light at the end of the tunnel for the Baldwin storyline, which had become a total drag to watch. Yay!

Sorry's not enough.
All of the actors involved in the hit-and-run storyline had Emmy worthy moments this week. Chelsea fought with Chloe and finally twigged that Chloe has some weird thoughts going on where Connor's concerned, but that was forgotten after the revelation about Adam, and now Chloe's back in the fold promising to help raise 'their little boy'. Gulp. Chelsea's reaction to the videotaped confession was spot on, as was Victor's timing in swooping in when she was at her most vulnerable - brilliant. Over at the police station, a warrant was issued for Adam's arrest based purely on circumstantial evidence and without looking at anyone else on the license plate list. On the bright side, it gave Paul and Kevin an amazing scene together. Kevin had an incredibly real moment as it all sunk in ("She was just a baby, and he left her by the side of the road...") while Paul supported him. Victoria, meanwhile, went from entertaining Stitch to stunned disbelief when Victor showed up huffing and puffing with the news about Adam. Victoria quickly realized what might be happening with Billy, and her fear and panic was palpable. Watching Jack slowly come to the awful realization of what Adam had done was riveting as expected, and his confrontation with Victor was as epic as ever. There's nothing like watching Victor brazening it out in a tight spot! The follow-up was a face-off between Victor and Nikki, who knows him too well - loved it. Over at the Abbott manse, Traci was on hand to fret about Billy and Jack. It was interesting that they had both Traci and Dylan express sympathy for Adam's position. Avery, of course, was also thrown by the revelation about Adam and looked visibly pale and shaken. The big deal, of course, was Billy and Adam's showdown. It was the best of the best in soap opera - Adam and Billy each ran the gamut of raw emotions and nothing was left unsaid - Adam even mentioned Billy leaving Delia in the vehicle alone that night. After the nail-biting intensity of the roadside encounter, getting back into the vehicle and driving around felt slightly anti-climactic, however it was necessary for the finale - the wreck. It looked to me like Adam got out of the vehicle, which made me wonder if David Tom will first appear on the scene as Billy in burn bandages in a hospital. Perhaps it was Billy who got out, and Adam will be presumed dead in the fire - we'll soon know. Some viewers have stated that they would no longer tune in to Genoa City after Billy Miller and Michael Muhney's last scenes as Billy and Adam aired. Where do you stand? Let know by voting in our Y&R Poll: Will you continue to watch Y&R?

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- Candace Young