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Restless Rant for the week of January 6 - 10:

It's a mixed review for "Y&R" this week, with a couple of storylines benefiting from good tension and build-up, while others continued to range from boring to bad. Thoughts:

Get it on the table.
The playing out of the hit-and-run storyline is chock full of building tension as Victor has made his move, Adam has had his fleeting moment of happiness usurped, Jack has been made legal guardian, Billy has discovered that Adam set up the foundation, and Kevin is back on Delia's case. Not to mention the secret Billy is keeping from Victoria that has made every scene with loose cannon Kelly absolutely fraught. The pacing has been good, and even the sidelines, such as Chloe's obsession with Connor, and Stitch and Victoria meeting in the park and sharing a natural chemistry while innocuously discussing wieners, is feeding into the growing potential for this story to explode.

Cassie's birthday.
Nick and Sharon backed off their closeness from the holidays a bit this week to focus on remembering Cassie on her birthday. I waver between feeling it's realistic for Cassie's memory to be brought up so often, and feeling like it's overused and a bit tiresome. In any case, the flashback scene with Nick and a young Cassie was cute to see. Meanwhile, Sharon's conscience, aka imaginary Cassie, seems to be pressing her to confess more than ever. It's anyone's guess how or when Sharon's DNA secret will ultimately come out, but it's been teased so many times it will be a shock if Sharon actually confesses herself. More likely it will come out another way.

The man is scum.
Dylan's confrontation with Ian Ward's ex-wife in Iowa was just okay. Given how private he normally is, it seemed strange for him to blurt out the sordid details of Nikki's pregnancy to someone he'd just met. In other news, Avery told Nikki that Dylan had called her his mother. Nikki was moved, but it might have been even more emotional had she heard him say it herself for the first time instead of getting it as second-hand information.

Courtney's conundrum.
Apparently Courtney can't keep from blowing her cover if she continues to date Noah so she dumped him on the advice of Alex, aka Zach. In a related story, Summer and Courtney had one of those awful contrived arguments. Meh.

Jill chloroformed and kidnapped! Just when the music box storyline was beginning to feel a little draggy there was this new development. Most assume it is Colin - the handcuffs being a big clue - also, it was obvious it was someone she knew.

For sale.
That noise you heard this week was the loud groans of "Y&R" viewers when Devon bought the Athletic Club. Another mess to file under the heading, 'What are they thinking?' Devon has long been one of the dullest characters on the show, even after he unbelievably became the grandson of Katherine Chancellor, so watching him being pushed as the next big bucks player in Genoa City is a little cringe-y. Devon buying the Club and taking it over instantly is as dumb as Hilary showing up in the lobby in a bathrobe with the town's elite lunching nearby. If you didn't quail at Devon's plans to 'hip' the place up, you probably did when he put Lily and Cane on his payroll. Why on earth, after all the soul-searching they've been doing about their future and being free of the cancer-scare, would Cane and Lily choose to stick themselves in the thankless hospitality industry as Devon's employees? As for Devon and Hilary, their chemistry is the most promising element of this storyline, but will they actually go the route of having Devon and Jack competing for the same woman? Ack. What do you think of Devon buying the Athletic Club? Let know by voting in our Y&R Poll: Devon Buys The Club.

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- Candace Young