Sue Lewis. (

When's Julie Robinson, General Hospital writer, recently covered the Soap Opera Mania Tour stop in Cleveland, Ohio, she had the good fortune to meet a life-long fan of The Young and the Restless! Ohio's Sue Lewis, who also watches The Bold and the Beautiful to catch the star crossovers from time to time, chatted with Julie at the event about the #1 Daytime soap!

Before last weekend, Sue had met Sharon Case (Sharon) and Don Diamont (ex-Brad). She told Julie that her favorite Y&R storyline is the ongoing fights between Katherine and Jill over the years! Sue recalled Linda Evans and Joan Collin's cat fights from "Dynasty" and said, "...that's how Katherine and Jill were back in the day." Here's what else Sue had to say: How did you feel when they made them [Jill and Katherine] mother & daughter?

Sue: I was disappointed in it, but I'm kinda thinking that it might end up that they may end up not mother & daughter anymore. Do you like Jill's relationship with Cane?

Sue: Yes. I think Billy's going to end up raising that baby - after they
beat the crap out of each other! It's clear to me that you love the vets, but is there a newcomer on the scene who seems like he/she might have what it takes to join their ranks one day?

Sue: Daniel [Goddard, Cane].

It's always great to meet such a huge fan of The Young and the Restless, and soaps in general! Thanks to Sue and Julie for sharing with us!

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