Restless Rant
Week of February 23 - 27:

This week was a bit strange on The Young and the Restless. Monday and Tuesday's episodes seemed as dull as JT Hellstrom since he tied the knot with Victoria Newman, but the rest of the week was explosively good - can't miss television! There were some good moments during the first two days of the week, such as the Roger/Esther nuptials, Billy holding his child, Victor squirming after being one-upped by Colleen, and Jill finding out the 'baby truth', but not enough, in my opinion, to save the episodes from being boring. However, things certainly picked up after that, with amazing acting, powerful scenes, and compelling story twists! Here's the lowdown:

Tyra Takes Off: It's great that the Winters clan is getting some attention from the writers - the most they've had in a very long time, but I have issues with it - like understanding Neil. He's a little too straight to go in for infidelity, lying, and keeping secrets - so that part of the plot has been tough for me to accept - but I have - in the interest of investing in the story. Having Tyra try to take off with Ana, is also kind of unbelievable at this point, after everything that's gone on, and so is her blatant attempt to seduce Neil. We're supposed to believe that after being so deeply ashamed for kissing him the first time, that she is now a guilt-free, home wrecker-extraordinaire?! Anyway, as things stand, Karen is holding all the cards - she has confronted Neil about stalling the adoption, and about kissing Tyra - and has put him on notice! So far, I'm still sympathizing with Karen in all of this - Neil and Tyra are behaving badly. I suspect Karen is fighting a losing battle, but I'm looking forward to a good confrontation between her and Tyra - I've maintained all along that Karen has tons of spunk - now I want to see what Tyra's really made of - I really feel a need to understand this character better - it still hasn't happened!

Katherine at the Safehouse: The 'back and forth' between Katherine and Annie, with Clint's rantings thrown in every so often, has sort of one-note, and a little dull for me. It's so been done before! A welcome, interesting twist finally came at the end of this week when Esther followed Roger to the house and came face-to-face with Mrs. C! A pay-off! It was amazing when Katherine remembered Esther, and some details about their past together, and when Esther realized it was really her beloved Mrs C! Loved it! Let's hope they keep this story moving right along!

Colleen/Victor: It's been amusing watching Victor as he is rendered powerless to control a twenty-something waitress (Colleen)! I'm not thrilled by the fact that Jack is behind Colleen's power play - the Vic/Jack rivalry gets old for me - but I suspect things will get more interesting as Victor increases his efforts to get rid of Colleen, and Ashley is put in a position to defend her. Also very compelling - the idea that Victoria and Colleen might become allies as the only two women on the Newman board - wouldn't that make Victor's face pulse! Still waiting to see what the story is with the mystery woman - the plastic surgery scars should be healing anytime now!

Daniel/Amber/Jana/Kevin: Interesting change in dynamics going on with the fab foursome, as Jana and Daniel seem to be getting weary of Amber and Kevin's intense focus on all things Katherine. I'm not sure where all of this is going, but can you imagine Kevin and Amber tangling with Clint, Roger, and Annie? Now that would be a scene worth seeing! As for Daniel and Amber's love affair, I sense a definite cooling off coming - too bad they can't let them be happier longer - but I guess that's not so fun to watch…

Jeffrey/Jill/Gloria: Well, Jeffrey's too much of a rascal for me to root for him with either woman, but what a hoot having Gloria show up in lingerie at his room, pop the cork on a bottle of champagne - and the cork hits a lingerie-clad Jill! The ensuing catfight, and Jeffrey's remark that all they need is a vat of mud, was hysterical - I love the comic bits like this - makes for a good episode!

Sharon/The Shoplifting Debacle: Let me just start out by saying that I am so glad to see Doris (Sharon's mom) back on the show - it makes me feel right at home somehow! So, this storyline is really amping up toward something - I'm just still not sure what that might be! Obviously, Sharon would never let Noah and Eden take the rap for stealing, so she obviously is having blackouts when she takes things - she didn't know how she wound up with the elephant either! Judging by her purse contents, she's on medication of some sort too. Add in the fact that Doris is now talking about Sharon having had 'episodes' like this before in her life, and you've got an interesting storyline! Sharon Case has been excellent, as Sharon behaves completely out of character - shouting, being irritable, hitting people even! I'm really enjoying that fact that the writers are thinking outside the box here, and giving the actress the opportunity to do this. As for Eden - I really felt for the poor kid this time around - school of hard knocks indeed!

Usually I find Jack sneaky, but when he confronted Nick he was being pretty straight up, and was absolutely right in what he was saying to him. Nick, of course, didn't want to take any responsibility for Sharon's emotional state, and he made a good point too - Jack is partly to blame for sure! In the end, it seems like Nick may have digested a little of what Jack was saying after all, as evidenced by the scene in the bookstore when Nick asks Sharon if her mood is about what they've been going through. It's good that she hit him! Is it just me, or is Nick really clueless? Thick Nick…

The Quadrangle:
Well, what a scene that was when Cane came into the Chancellor Mansion and confronted everyone! Daniel Goddard is at his very best when he's being intense - and was he ever intense this week! I actually forgot to keep typing the recap during his scenes - he scared me! It left me wondering, however, if assaulting people, and threatening a woman who has just given birth, is really the best way to prove you're good parent material - just a thought! Billy's waffling - although very, very realistic - is getting on my last nerve for some reason. Even his proposal to Chloe was off-hand - he's not sure about it at all, you can tell. Cane's proposal to Lily, at first, seemed a little opportunistic - don't tell me it hadn't crossed his mind that he would have a better shot at custody with a wife! But then I remembered that they really do love each other. Egad, yes, they do, and (tiny teaser) Monday's US episode will be a must-see for fans of Cane and Lily! This is the standout storyline of the week for me - Everyone has an opinion on this storyline - some have changed their opinion since the plot began - but everyone is invested in what happens next - brilliant writing and acting! Bravo!

After a slow start, the week turned out to be magnificent! There were lots of neat scenes, such as Victor meeting Eden, and Nikki and Vikki chatting with Colleen, which added a little something extra this week too. I'm still anxious for Katherine to get back to her old life, and I am suspending disbelief in a few storylines yet, but overall the acting has been phenomenal, as has the story telling. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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- Candace Young