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Mother and son? (CBS)

Restless Rant for the week of September 30 - October 4:

Genoa City was a relatively broody place this week as many characters were in a funk about one thing or another. Thoughts:

You can't hide.
Summer went to Jack for advice about Los Angeles and he basically told her she can't run from her problems (popular theme this week as Dylan got the same speech from Stitch). Let's just hope if she stays in town that she perks up a bit, as over half (51%) of Soaps.com readers polled wanted to see sulky Summer ship off to L.A., and another 22% thought she should go at least for a while.

Will the real Chloe please stand up.
We used to know exactly what Chloe was about, but for too long now she's been all over the place. She went wild over Kevin not behaving honestly and decently, yet at every opportunity she pushes BFF Chelsea to lie and deceive her way through her problems, which makes no sense. She dumped Kevin because they had a terribly unsatisfying relationship (so much so he started the stealing weirdness) and now is calling him up because she misses... what exactly? It's hard to understand. Also, having Delia push for a reunion with Kevin every time she speaks to Chloe has become irritating - cute as she is, even she can't sell that pairing. However, a Chloe/Alex hook-up would make for interesting complications in the Kevin/Alex work dynamic...

Sharon's tired of letting Faith down and viewers are tired of Sharon not being herself. As if talking to her dead daughter and peering through windows wasn't creepy enough, now she's standing in Nick's living room every time he comes home. Make it stop. Let's see Sharon have her meltdown, the truth about the DNA results come out, and move on. Nick confronted Sharon about encouraging Faith to think they were getting back together and was pretty clear where he stood. How funny was Nick carting Faith's photo collage down to Crimson Lights to question Sharon? Hehe, maybe he thought she helped make it - that thing looked like the work of a scrapbooking wiz.

Justice or evil?
It seems viewers still aren't feeling the Hilary storyline. It might have been different if the audience had been privy to Hilary's private pain or something, but the character is too one-note to relate to which makes the story flat - most hope it will wrap up and she'll go away. It was ugly what Hilary did to Neil by spiking his drink, but at least some comic relief of sorts followed when Devon stormed over to Hilary's suite all full of himself to put an end to the matter. Entertaining! Devon did his best Victor Newman impression and threw some big bucks at the problem but was slightly taken aback to find she was crazier than he thought. Unbeknownst to him, Devon did manage to cause a rift between Hilary and her partner, Mason, who, by the way, still appears to be employed by Devon since no one seems to have told him yet that Mason was Hilary's accomplice. Ye gad.

Phone sex.
The scenes with Victoria teasing Billy via cell phone and then surprising him in lingerie in their living room were much appreciated as they provided some 'love in the afternoon' and much needed contrast to the other sad sacks in town.

I saw the signs.
Of course Nick wasn't the only one dragging his face along the ground this week, Avery and Dylan also did a lot of hand-wringing and venting to people who couldn't respond. Dylan admitted to his dead father that he may have deliberately ignored signs that Connor wasn't his - a bit of a relief for viewers shocked by his capacity for cluelessness - and Avery visited the comatose Phyllis and let off a little steam by trying to berate her into waking up. By week's end, Avery had also had a run-in with Nick, during which she brought up his poor track record, which interestingly, didn't seem to bother her when she was pleading with him to tell her she wasn't too late. Dylan rejected yet another gesture from Chelsea (the letter) and he and Avery ended up in close proximity when she returned his St. Christopher medallion. It's only a matter of time...

Burning up.
Chelsea, still deluded enough to be campaigning for a return to happy days with Dylan after all she's done, found herself in a cliche soap crisis with Adam this week when the baby started running a high fever and had to be rushed to the hospital. Gee, I wonder if this will bring them closer together?

Settling old debts.
It was always a treat to see Victor and Jack get into a snarkfest, and now we have Victor and Adam going at it again on a regular basis too. The one-liners, name-calling, and cryptic threats dressed up in smirking social niceties never gets old. As much as it was fun to see Adam and Victor working together, it's even more fun when they're butting heads. Some say they are over the Jack and Victor battles, but that history is so rich to draw on. Who else but Jack could show up at Victor's front door and tell him he's a disaster as a father, casually get called a loser in return, and still get invited in for more verbal sparring? Love!

I want to know about my son.
Hey, do you think Stitch will turn out to be Nikki's son? Jeeze. They're so obviously being put in scenes together that either he is, or it's a ruse to throw off viewers, and it's Dylan. In related news, it was an interesting bit of a cliffhanger to have Victor overhear Nikki on the phone saying she wants to know about her son on Friday's episode.

Baldwin blowout.
Thankfully, they brought Gloria on board for this segment of the Lauren/Michael/Carmine storyline. Her scrambling to apologize for the 'technical difficulties' after Lauren's sex tape was screened in all its glory (poor Fen!), cracked me up. Yep, Gloria always takes scenes to another level, and this story really needed the boost since it played out so predictably. Was there any viewer who didn't guess exactly what would happen? In any case, I thought it was a bit nuts of Michael to do what he did to cover for Fen when he didn't even know if Fen was actually the shooter. Once again he made an unflattering assumption about his son. Funnily enough, Alex, who has been made to look fairly hapless up to this point, will likely find the bullet in the wall and realize what Michael did. Also, Paul probably suspects something from the way Michael frantically yelled at Lauren to find Fenmore.

Take this job and shove it.
It was an unexpected twist for Cane to up and quit on Victor. It also illustrated exactly why Katherine would never have left her beloved company to Victor - as Cane pointed out, it was a no-brainer that Victor would put his own vision and his family members ahead of her wishes - Katherine would have known this better than anyone. Should Cane have quit Chancellor? Vote:

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