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Restless Rant for the week of September 23 - 27:

"Y&R" marches forward, still feeling somehow unlike itself as the new 'reality' in Genoa City continues to be established. Thoughts:

Nikki's quest.
The last motel room in Winnetka? With Nikki's money? Really? Anyway, Paul and Nikki are always good to watch together, regardless of the circumstances. As for Nikki's son, it's obvious that he'll turn out not to be dead - or what was the point after all? Any new guesses on who it will be? Drawing the comparison between what Nikki did and what happened to Victor is a nice complication.

Tacky tackhouse behavior.
I've been willing to go along with the 'Sharon off her meds' bit to an extent - mainly because Sharon Case is selling it so well - but had to draw the line this week with Sharon allowing Faith to speak so rudely to Avery. It's just so far from the mother/person we've known Sharon to be that, although not as huge as switching DNA results, it felt like the final straw. Things need to turn around for Sharon ASAP.

Complicated confrontation.
Many are sick of Summer dragging her bottom lip all over Genoa City, but Summer confronting Avery about leaving Nick at the altar made for some solid, realistic scenes in which we could feel for both characters.

Dylan's downfall.
The portrayal of Dylan's struggle has been very moving at times, and the buddy scenes with him and Stitch are very natural and even heartwarming, but for many there is still a feeling of detachment from these characters. Dylan and Avery are likely headed for a reconciliation down the line, which might make for an exciting moment or two, but it isn't bowling too many over with anticipation. There seems to be limited emotional investment.

The great escape.
This Carmine/Lauren/Michael storyline went so wrong that most are rolling their eyes at it now. It looks like things will come to a head at the Businesswoman Of The Year event at the Club. A nice bonus in this tale has been seeing more of Alex.

I smell a rat.
In what universe would Brad Carlton/Ashley Abbott/Abby Carlton Newman live in a house that could become infested with rats? Such a bizarre choice for a plot gimmick. It was funny when Tyler started rubbing Traci's feet, but it seemed a lot to go through just to make the point that Abby has more serious feelings about Tyler than he does about her. On a positive note, it will be fun to have Traci and Abby in the Abbott house.

Crimson Lights gang.
This crowd still isn't a big hit. Courtney seems obsessed with Noah being a Newman - it's all the girl talks about, and Summer and Kyle have less chemistry than ever regardless of how hard they try to sell the longing and sexual tension. Meh.

Penthouse under pressure.
Chelsea's discovery of the blankie she gave away in Adam's cabinet will go a long way to diffusing some of the tension in the penthouse, one would think. It will be interesting to see if Chelsea will realize now what we've known all along - that there was no justification for her deception. Did Karma bite Adam? Sure. But Chelsea doing what she did made no sense, and so it made her completely unappealing. It's amazing that it seems we are supposed to root for them to reconcile. Blah.

Sometimes talking helps.
I was absolutely feeling Lily's frustration with Neil this week. Hilary's blogs could have ruined the personal and professional lives of his entire family and jeopardized the company he runs. The only reason it didn't is because the Winters seem to exist in a bubble where no one else appears to know or care about these blogs, with the possible exception of Abby. I get Neil wanting to tell Hilary he's sorry her mother died, but he should have taken a much harder line about everything else. After her latest move, maybe he will now.

Victor's big news.
Speaking of living in a bubble, why wasn't Cane privy to all of the immense changes Victor was making with contracts and suppliers at Chancellor Industries when he is the CEO! It will be interesting to see if Victor leaves him in charge as per Katherine's wishes. Also, how were all those suppliers and clients able to break their contracts with Newman instantaneously? Victor trashing Newman Enterprises and inheriting Chancellor Industries left Jack, Adam, and many viewers stunned. The explanations sounded fine and dandy, but many will never buy that Victor would ruin the company 'he built from the ground up' on purpose for any reason. Not to screw Adam, not on a gamble that he could get it back and rebuild it, and especially not because he was painted into a corner by Jack and Adam that he couldn't get out of any other way. Never. Almost as hard to believe is the idea that Katherine would have left him Chancellor in the first place. She often disagreed with his tactics in business and also would have had no way of knowing he was going to get into difficulties with Newman. Many viewers were hoping that Chancellor Industries might be the pot of gold at the end of Jill's rainbow as well. So, still waiting to see how this all plays out, but the week ended with a feeling of total disbelief about Victor's actions toward his own company. What did you think about Victor ruining Newman Enterprises? Vote:

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- Candace Young