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Restless Rant
Week of July 8 – 12:

There was some very big drama this week on "Y&R" that clearly illustrated how amazing acting and core characters that viewers really care about can draw out emotions. Thoughts:

My little girl.
Not everyone was thrilled with Cassie appearing to Sharon, but it fit in the storyline. Obviously Sharon’s become somewhat unhinged again – no telling whether she’s off her meds or what, but seeing a vision of Cassie, or Cassie acting as her conscience, worked in this instance. Who else could she talk to about her plan to win Nick back? It certainly bolstered suspicions that she monkeyed with that paternity test. Anyway, it was interesting that Cassie warned her that it may not turn out as she hopes.

Nick’s lie.
The big reveals to Jack and Summer packed an emotional wallop thanks to the actors involved. The jumping back and forth from Chicago to Jack’s living room was distracting; could have done without that, but the reactions were on the money. The ball was dropped, though, when Summer finally realized what it meant for her and Kyle. When a girl that age is madly in love it’s everything. There should have been hysterics once that realization kicked in. Without a doubt the change in 'Kyles' has made for a weak link in this storyline. When Summer broke the paternity news to Kyle at Boulevard it was no exception. This should have been a huge moment, but fell totally flat. Another miss: that Nick didn’t question Sharon’s calm acceptance when he told her what he had done. This changed the course of their lives back then. Even though Sharon has secretly known for a while, she should have at least pretended to be shocked.

I deserve a drink.
Jack’s not going to be much help for Billy for long. He’s ogled/fondled that bottle of scotch in his living room three times this week! Why would it even be there?

So, Fen overdosed and nearly killed himself on purpose just to frame Carmine? Really? This kid is a disaster waiting to happen. Now he’s got Michael going all 'hothead' and gunning for Carmine. Something tells me this is going to spin out of control...

Evanston 2007.
Are they suggesting there's a connection between Neil and Rose? What are the odds that Neil would end up involved with Leslie, a woman whose incarcerated father had a relationship with a woman in another city who Neil crossed paths with back in his drinking days? Bit of a stretch... Enjoyed the Jill/Neil scenes – people we know, who know each other - yay!

His mind wasn’t on work anyway.
Judging by her remarks, her manipulative spin about Jill, and her eyeballs on Cane and Lily at dinner, it seems Hilary definitely has an agenda.

Bachelor pad.
Courtney's crush on Noah is cute. The party at Noah and Tyler’s place seemed like a good idea – the show certainly needs a little fun and sexy energy, but it then seemed to be solely about setting the scene for Abby and Tyler to kiss. Despite the definite heat between them, the lasting impression was that Abby was acting out-of-character. In no universe would she have asked Tyler why he was flirting with her instead of the brunettes. Our Abby would have known exactly why he was flirting with her and played him all night until he was wrapped around her little finger. Then, and only then, would she have exited and left him wanting more.

Melanie was outplayed, outclassed, fired, and dumped by the Newman men. Yet, she stayed in town. Sigh…

No question viewers felt the intensity of Dylan's emotions when he told Chelsea about Afghanistan. Awesome. Unfortunately, the laundry list of woes this dude has suffered is so long it just feels like overkill at this point. The guy has lost his true love, a baby, his dad, his friend Sully, his whole unit, a family that saved him, a little girl he tried to save...and he's going to get kicked in the teeth again when he finds out Chelsea's baby is Adam's. We get it! We feel sorry for him! As for Chelsea talking about her miscarriage and telling Dylan maybe they'd gone through it all to get to where they are now, with their baby - just no. It's like she believes her own lie. On another note, loved seeing Jeffrey this week, and how Anita's presence makes Chelsea squirm.

Billy’s bender.
Billy continued to gamble, and Victoria saw him collect his winnings just as she was about to give him another chance (thanks to Victor). Ouch. I've no idea why, given history, that Victoria doesn't immediately suspect Victor of being involved when bad things are happening. We do! Anyway, Chloe continued to offer Billy support, and even a kiss. Here’s the lay of the land on this one - Chloe 'gets' Billy in a way Victoria doesn’t, and they have fantastic chemistry, but based on history and his feelings for Victoria, going a romantic route with Billy would definitely be a risk for Chloe. Do you think Billy and Chloe could fall in love and reunite? Vote:

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- Candace Young