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Restless Rant
Week of June 24 – 28:

A "Y&R" viewer I know personally, who has watched since the show began and who rarely missed an episode, told me this week that he had stopped watching. This felt important enough to mention here. Among the reasons given were the botched paternity storyline ("the last straw") and the abundance of recasts and newbies. Soaps.com has also seen an increase in the number of emails from readers who basically aren't enjoying the show anymore. Many core characters have become unrecognizable in a quest to further plots, and the show is often boring. The show is full of fantastic actors and so the show is always watchable thanks to them, however, "Y&R" has not been what it should be, which is fabulous. Thoughts on the week:

Phyllis' surprise party.
Instead of the high drama of Nick and Phyllis telling Summer the truth about her paternity that we were expecting, we instead got Phyllis running around like the village idiot trying to keep Summer and Kyle apart. It’s not that the comedic aspect wasn’t appreciated; it’s just that who could believe Phyllis would handle it this way - especially after working so hard to get back on track with Summer after the Ronan thing? Not to mention that it was inconceivable that they would wait to tell Summer and allow her to continue crushing and kissing on her half-brother. Incidentally, the Phyllis and Kyle hook-up would have been far more entertaining with the former Kyle. Still can't see the reason for the recast... On a positive note, Abby walking into the Abbott living room and getting an eyeful of Phyllis and Kyle kissing was definitely a 'moment'.

Dear Abby.
Abby’s really working the nerves lately...she's kind of unappealing. While she may have had to tell Victoria that Alex isn’t 'the one', viewers already knew.

This is happiness.
In the make-it-stop category we have Chelsea with her tears and gushing over her fairytale romance with Dylan, who seems to do nothing but give humble, heartfelt speeches these days. One tries to get into the romance of it, but it’s just too contrived to muster up any genuine emotion about them (unless you count pity and perhaps a little indignant anger on clueless Dylan’s behalf). Worse, viewers have had to sit through scenes of this poor schmuck wondering if what he’s offering is 'good enough'. Considering where Chelsea came from, functional living in Dylan’s loft is a big step up, and considering what she’s doing, it’s way too good for her.

Hello dollies.
It was hard to believe that Chloe thought Kevin taking a shift in a soup kitchen was going to make everything better, but thankfully he didn’t bother anyway. We’re also thankful that Delia and her dollies didn’t get to Chloe enough to stop her from uttering the other 'd' word we’ve been waiting to hear – divorce. Chloe and Billy’s interaction has been a breath of fresh air despite the depressing issues surrounding them.

It’s over.
While the inclination is to be angry with Victoria for giving Billy the boot, after all, Jill, Chloe, and Jack are being supportive; she makes a good point when it comes to him putting her and the kids at risk. Notably, there are weird parallels to her dealings with Daddy Dearest, who has also endangered her loved ones, but still manages to get her to forgive him every time. In fact, she may find Victor has had a hand in Billy’s troubles yet again. The theory floating about that Carmine is on Victor’s payroll is a dandy. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what she’ll do if she’s preggers. Also on the subject of Victoria, what the heck was up with all that talk about Reed coming to stay and something being wrong with JT? It was so out-of-the-blue and then was just dropped!

Band-aid on a broken bone.
The exchange between Adam and Sharon at Crimson Lights was like watching two imposters. Adam’s love for Sharon was the reason Chelsea insisted he must leave town with her, and was one of the reasons he could not. Even those who hated the idea of Sharon and Adam together couldn’t argue that it became a defining part of Adam’s character. We get that the writers want to run with Chelsea being Adam’s great love now, but they can't just snap their fingers and make it so. Trying to rewrite history only makes viewers feel alienated from the characters and what they know to be true about them, and is the wrong way to go about changing viewers' perspective.

Spy girl.
So Adam’s chemistry-free hook-up, Melanie, turned out to be working as Victor’s spy. It was handy that Adam overheard her on the phone and got up to speed so quickly – saved us weeks of this bunk. She’s so fired.

Twenty questions.
Avery had a bit of a bad week, what with Faith freezing her out again, and Nick refusing to budge on telling her 'What Is Going On With Him' despite her excellent round of guessing. The foreshadowing points to Avery washing her hands of him once she finds out what he did, and Sharon, who clearly isn’t fazed by what he did at all for some reason, picking up the pieces. Also interesting this week was Sharon kneeling at Cassie’s grave and talking about 'why she did what she did'. What did she do? Hmm…

Neil's nepotism?
Not sure what to say about the fashion division drama at Jabot, but can't help but think that if Neil hadn't been so intent on hiring the whole 'fam damily' he might have avoided having to make business decisions based on personal issues. So now Devon, who has zippo experience with anything except music is running the entire fashion marketing campaign on his own? That's not insane at all... Meanwhile, Cane took Lily’s admission about Tyler remarkably well. Frankly, he could have been justifiably angry, and it was a little weird that he blamed his own long hours. On the subject of weird, the whole Tyler/Lily dalliance is another plot that seemed to be heading to some explosive climax, but just fizzled out. Now they have this Tyler character floating around in limbo. In any case, Lily and Cane were fine and even got it on after the kids' party, which was a bonus since love in the afternoon’s been hard to come by in Genoa City lately. As for Chancellor business, why would Jill so blatantly try to bribe Cane's assistant, who of course tattled, thus making Jill look like a rank amateur? What crap.

Preppy gone bad.
Fen as a goth stoner might be a tough sell, let’s just leave it at that. Anyway, Michael and Lauren were cute this week watching Austin Powers with takeout. Still enjoying the realism of them working through their issues.

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