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Restless Rant
Week of April 15 – 19:

It was a pretty solid week on "Y&R," with Thursday and Friday being especially busy and entertaining. It was notable how much airtime non-core characters such as Chelsea, Avery, Dylan, and the Rogans were getting. Here are some thoughts:

We can't go back.
They did a good job this week of intensifying the interaction between Dylan and Avery. Definitely has the makings of a true love story if they find their way back. Meanwhile, Nick’s behavior only made the idea of an Avery/Dylan re-do more appealing. First he compared love to a sporting competition, and then he confronted Dylan, inadvertently drawing out his sexy, edgier side by causing him to holler, "Back off!" Rawr. Must-mention scenes - Avery's babysitting fiasco with 'bitter' Faith. Hysterical!

Light her fire.
Speaking of Phyllis, she’s still on her grand *yawn* adventure with Jack, drinking coffee and yucking it up with the hotel staff. Worse, she has agreed to shack up at the Abbott mansion when they return, so she'll be wearing turtlenecks and slacks, and sipping orange juice at the breakfast table every morning. This 'banishment to boring' must be punishment for sleeping around with Ronan and trying to squash Cricket. Here’s hoping that hearing about Nick and Avery’s impending nuptials lights a fire under her.

Baby daddy drama.
Thank goodness Chelsea snapped at Chloe this week – so tired of the non-stop chirping about the pregnancy/baby daddy/Adam stuff. It’s also irritating because Chloe had moved on from doing that kind of crap until she inexplicably regressed. As for Chelsea, we can assume she’s going to go ahead and dupe Dylan, who’s been nothing but amazing to her - can't help but feel bad for the guy. On a side note, had to laugh at the way Sharon found out about Chelsea’s pregnancy. Who carries around a gigantic bottle of pre-natal vitamins? Does she not have a cabinet to keep them in? Gah.

Nurse Frosty Fingers.
Sharon dreaming about Adam and feeling up his shoulders makes for good teasing tension. It's a little strange how they've gone back and forth about each other though. It was curious that they showed Sharon taking her medication on Friday’s episode – wondered if it was foreshadowing... As for Adam still wanting Chelsea – they can write it until the cows come home, but their chemistry’s just not as strong as the storyline requires. I’d rather watch Adam read a report with Sharon, spar with Phyllis, even bicker with Victoria, than interact with Chelsea. That said, the scene with Adam confronting Chelsea and Dylan at Crimson Lights after Sharon told him she was pregnant certainly grabbed the attention. Yike!

It isn't about much.
Chloe and Kevin’s marriage imploding? Can’t happen fast enough. Thank you sexy detective Alex for helping to hurry along the process. Chloe and Alex anyone? Vote in's Y&R Chloe’s Next Move poll.

The Rogans.
While it’s safe to say we care about Leslie by now, Gus is another story. Is anyone else having trouble getting into these scenes? As for Tyler, he invited business groupie, Lola, around to work, which provoked a reaction from Lily that was probably supposed to indicate she was a bit jealous, but frankly was tough to read. Thoughts?

You can bet on it!
It was crazy that Billy gambled this week, but winning On The Boulevard was totally unexpected – and perfect. Best line of the week, by far, was Adam telling Billy he now had to go home and explain to Victoria how he went out for a beer and came home with a restaurant. Billy and Adam both knew what a fix he was in, which made it hilarious. So Billy’s lying to Victoria about the restaurant, and she also may be lying – to herself – about what’s driving her return to Newman. Interesting twists!

You'd be surprised...
Carmine was taunting Michael pretty good at the restaurant, which seemed harsh, but he believes Michael mistreated his family, and he also sees him as competition, so his attitude kind of made sense. Later, at the apartment, did Michael hear Carmine and Lauren talking in the apartment, or hide and see Carmine leave? Inquiring minds want to know! Also, what’s up with Fen? It seems whenever we see that kid he’s finding a reason to go slamming out the door. Jeeze. There's no telling if Carmine has an angle yet, but it's safe to say things are going to get worse for Lauren and Michael before they get better.

Party talk.
Katherine’s brief exchange with Nikki at her birthday party was weird to the extreme. To think these two haven’t had any contact over their health issues and Nikki remarrying Victor is just unbelievable. Read our Jeanne Cooper Health Crisis Update.

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- Candace Young