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Restless Rant
Week of March 25 - 29:

It was all about drama on "Y&R" this week. I'm enjoying the gist of some storylines - others, not so much. Check out some thoughts:

Shot in the back.
Adam taking a bullet for Victor changed everything and yet nothing as Adam lapsed into a coma too soon to appreciate the new dynamic. It was definitely interesting to see/hear the reactions to him saving Victor's life, and the interaction between Sharon and Chelsea in the hospital. Bonus was Chelsea's new attitude about telling Adam she's preggers, and Victoria overhearing her admission. Loving this plot twist all the way around!

In for questioning.
It's amazing to have Alex and Paul as the new faces of the GCPD, but methinks it will be new power couple, Victor and Jack, who will break Wheeler and/or Bob the henchman. The interesting thing is that Neil has figured out the missing piece of the puzzle - Wheeler had the affair with Belinda. Imagine if they all got together on this... Anyway, who didn't love Jack and Victor sparring/realizing they needed to work together this week? Awesome.

Billy's da' bomb.
After his harrowing brush with certain death, Billy's back to baby-making. I'm all for romance, but Billy needs to have a whole lot more going on besides domesticity. As for trying fertility treatments - refresh my memory - why didn't they go this route before?

Summer's crush on Kyle continues to be less than thrilling - especially when the guy has way more chemistry with her mom.

Lost panties.
Noah is another guy who needs a legit storyline, and I'm not seeing much evidence that tacky Adriana has grown on viewers despite her association with Katherine, or having an appealing brother. Meh.

It's tough to even work up an opinion on Nick's non-proposal to Avery. I will say the E-Z Bake oven cake was cute... but perhaps not enough to negate what's cookin' between her and Dylan - unfinished business?

The idea of Michael calling Lauren's bluff by threatening an official split seemed a hair extreme, but also kind of ingenious. Unfortunately, the more attached Carmine becomes to Lauren, and the more time she spends around him in public places - the more likely that Michael will find out about her affair, and then the layout of the rocky marital land will completely change again.

The hug.
Loved the scenes with Cane showing concern for Katherine's memory issues and taking her to the hospital - but, again, it's very unusual that Murphy, Jill, and Esther, who live and work with her, wouldn't already be on top of this. In any case, Cane was soon dealing with other things - like the sight of his wife hugging Tyler. It seemed like Cane was definitely fed up. Here's hoping this scene plays out instead of viewers being 'jumped' to another scene like this never happened.

Stealing from the rich?
There's no legit reason for Chloe to be hard up for money, let alone engaged in yet another ridiculous 'scheme' to pay bills. Chloe grew up after reconciling with Esther, becoming a mother to Delia, and being involved with Chance. The chemistry-free marriage to Kevin was the beginning of a downhill ride for her - can't buy her stealing at all. Kevin's another story as he seems to have reverted to his old ways one day, and is a paragon of virtue doling out sage advice the next. What do you think? Weigh in by voting in's Y&R Thick As Thieves Poll.

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- Candace Young