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Restless Rant
Week of March 4 – 8:

"Y&R" has been solid as always; the acting, dialogue etc., but not exactly thrilling this week aside from Michael showing up at Lauren's suite. Thoughts:

Crack another bottle of wine.
The jealousy and arguing/making-up between Lily and Cane felt quite true-to-life this week, which helps the storyline feel more believable. This stuff really happens between couples, but trumped-up situations like Lily repeatedly getting stranded with Tyler had been making it a hard-sell up to now.

Summer’s 'fantasy' about Kyle kissing her in the office was one of the most awkward scenes in recent memory. It did not work. The Kyle character is a perfect candidate for an outrageously sexy affair with an older woman, and Summer needs a younger 'starter romance' to gain experience first – bring back Jamie.

Vikki and Billy nursing each other back to health was very cute and all, but it would be great to see each of them get a storyline they can really sink their teeth into - soon.

Hello Beautiful.
Once Lauren hit the sheets with Carmine, Fen and Michael resolved months of tension and complex father/son misunderstanding in a New York minute. I felt shortchanged – like it was all for the sole purpose of giving Lauren an excuse to cheat. Though the hot scenes between Lauren and Carmine were worth suspending disbelief, and the moment when Michael came banging on the suite door provided top-notch tension, it was tough to buy Lauren cheating in the first place – let alone sleeping with both men in one night. Don’t get me wrong, I love Michael and Lauren being on the front-burner, but if this ends up with Lauren knocked-up and not knowing who the father is it's going to feel a little cringe-y. Gah.

Dealing with illness.
Amy asked me this week if Katherine and Nikki had discussed their health issues with each other yet, and I told her they hadn’t. Struck me as pretty unrealistic given that they are besties! Both health issues are being depicted in moving and emotional ways – kudos for that – however, I’d like to see more of Jill and Murphy in Katherine’s orbit, and less of the newbie, Adriana. Katherine is too dear a character to have someone she barely knows helping her through something so serious. It’s upsetting to think that those who love her the most wouldn’t be noticing what’s happening.

The way the world works.
Mason seems like an ungrateful rat and I’m not sure why should we care what he thinks or does.

Dylan is being depicted as one of those way-too-good-to-be-true characters, which makes him a great superhero type, but it's a bit of a letdown for viewers hoping he'd be a whole lot more complex and interesting. Also it was odd to have those in-depth scenes with Dylan and his father, who we don't even know - my attention was definitely drifting. Just saying...

Someone’s following me.
Well, Avery returned this week yammering away about having to free an innocent person from prison, and Leslie warned her if she unleashed this man on the world, it would be on her… Haven’t we been there, done this with Daisy? This case is intriguing, but they need to keep it moving - even crack it wide open soon.

In two halves.
I think Adam should just stick to work for now, since he’s getting nowhere fast with the women in his life. Sharon moves in, only to announce hours later that she should move back out and quit Newman. When Chelsea shows up, Sharon doesn't say a peep about moving on without Adam, just excuses herself and makes a point of saying she'll be back soon. Hmm. So Chelsea makes a third attempt at telling Adam she’s carrying his child and once again poops out. Honestly, this whole drama with Chelsea not knowing how Adam will react and blah, blah is beyond me. The whole point of the two of them was that they fell into a relationship because they were so much alike and understood each other. It was never a great passionate love – it was all about a certain comfort level with who they really were as people. Not to mention that Chelsea came into Billy and Victoria’s life like gangbusters and tougher than nails. So all this whining and doubt now is irritating and doesn’t fit. How do you feel about Chelsea continuing to keep the baby news to herself? Let Soaps.com know by voting in our Y&R Not Telling poll.

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- Candace Young