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Restless Rant
Week of December 3 – 7:

As plans took shape for the Newman penthouse-warming party, the show improved perceptibly. Friday's episode was the first in a very long time that seemed to fly by because I was so into it! Here are some notes on the week:

The Newman Enterprises gang.
Viewers are split on whether Kyle is truly crushing on Phyllis, or if he has some sort of revenge plot in mind. I was just glad they finally addressed his past issues with her. As for Eden, her whining wasn’t appealing. Jack’s meeting this week was a hot mess! While I love Adam and Phyllis sparring, I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal that Adam would have information on Jack’s painkillers – everyone can clearly see that he has a problem. Jack is doing a fine job of running himself into the ground without any help from Victor or Junior, especially now that he’s swigging bourbon along with his pills and bribing doctor pals to write bogus prescriptions! Oh my!

Casual Fridays.
Speaking of hot messes, what’s happening at Jabot? Neil’s hired his entire family and an ex-flame, and after being there five minutes, Devon was weighing in on how the place should be run! I would think the staff would be more alienated by Neil’s blatant nepotism than the fact that he wears a suit – which everyone at Jabot has done since time began. I’m not saying Devon’s idea sucks - it would be worth implementing a chill new vibe in the place just to see Jack show up and rage out. Ultimately, I’d rather see Neil rocking his own cosmetics firm than playing make-believe with Jabot. If Jack goes down, Neil’s going down with him. As for Neil and Leslie – I don’t know why she bothered to even sign that contract if she’s worried about being 'inappropriate' – Neil’s the king of inappropriate hook-ups and my money says he'll be schmoozing her the first time they pass in the hall.

Cyber-bullying bunch.
It’s beginning to look like the over-the-top, sometimes creepy and awkward Fen is supposed to be the new 'old' Kevin. Summer and Jamie seem to be the more realistic teens. I enjoyed the Summer/Phyllis breakthrough scenes – very well done - but had to wonder what Summer was doing rooting through the boxes in Avery's storage locker. Hmm.

A hell of a party!
From the minute Carmine showed up at the door (thank you, Abby, we miss you), I knew the party was going to be to my liking. With each arrival, each snarky one-liner, and each run-in, it got better and better until Sharon unleashed her drama. I was riveted to the TV screen and completely caught up in the uncomfortableness of it all. All the beats were played - Chelsea watching Adam's reactions like a hawk, Nikki and Vikki doing their mother/daughter smackdown number on Sharon, Victor accusing her of being drunk, Nick and Noah struggling with whether to reveal Sharon's illness, right down to Chelsea's awkward acceptance of a ride home. Gah! Amazing.

Well, hello Detective Alejandro! Sexy and bold, yum. Keep that money well hidden, Noah, we want the NYPD to stick around Genoa City for a long time.

Nick's new life.
Nick's claims of throwing himself into parenting whole hog became slightly suspect when Phyllis showed up and he didn’t know where Summer was or where she’d been hanging out, and hadn’t done anything about her missing three days of school. As for his career, somehow I can see Nick presiding over a nightclub; it’s a good fit for his self-important doofus side. As for Avery, she needs to stop being one of those annoying people who has to be coaxed into doing everything - it's wishy-washy. Nick gets credit this week for handling his father and family better than anyone else at the party. I love that he refuses to be sucked back into Victor's 'legacy' vortex.

Jamaican holiday
Aww, what a sweet surprise Billy planned for Victoria. I'd like to know how he got all that stuff in four bags at one store. Oh well, let's just hope she's able to appreciate it.

Chelsea and Adam’s big argument on Monday was probably the most passion we’ve seen between these two – intense viewing! It quickly became evident the marriage was in crisis, what with Chelsea trolling around town asking the likes of Nikki Newman if she’s seen her husband, and accusing Adam of Sharon-related subterfuge every five minutes, but the icing on the proverbial cake came Friday when Adam left Chelsea alone at the party to follow Sharon, and Chelsea later came upon them kissing - yikes! Does Adam still love Sharon? Vote in Soaps.com's Y&R Adam’s Heart poll.

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- Candace Young