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Restless Rant
Week of November 19 – 21:

It was a bit of a dismal Thanksgiving in Genoa City this year - I was missing the Abbott family as much as Jack!

Second choice.
Maybe Nina and Paul didn’t have a red-hot romance, and she has been away working, but I still felt for her this week. Given that this is the second time she’s caught Christine kissing Paul since they started seeing each other, I’ve no idea why she keeps thinking of Chris as her BFF. As for Paul, I hate to see him portrayed as a lousy boyfriend. In other news, I’m glad Michael dropped the charges for whatever trumped up reason, and the Ricky debacle is over for Pauly.

One circle of hell for another...
Is it me, or is Neil getting just a little out of control with the hiring for Jabot? The look on Cane’s face at Thanksgiving dinner when he heard that Devon was coming on board said it all!

It’s not working; nothing’s working.
It will be interesting to see if it comes out that Sharon started the fire at the ranch now that she’s confessed to Noah. Will everyone else be as understanding as her son? I think not. It may also come out that Adam hired the firebug to take suspicion off Sharon. If so, Chelsea might align herself with Jeff (who lost his restaurant), and if that happens, look out Genoa City! In other news, Adam’s saying otherwise, but his actions seem to hint that way deep down he cares more about Sharon than Chelsea. Also, it was stellar to have Sharon and Phyllis share scenes this week – it's been too long.

Sick of trying.
Kevin's 'poor me' routine is on my last nerve. 'Nuff said.

Crazy Ol' Fruit Bat.
Katherine putting Jill to the test was a hoot! Jill later returned the favor by inviting Tucker to Thanksgiving dinner. It was very satisfying to see Kay and Tucker take a teeny step toward more solid ground, even if Devon stormed out in full-on brat mode. I’d love to see them eventually interacting as 'one big happy dysfunctional family'. Should Jill and Tucker hook-up again? Let us know your opinion by voting in’s Y&R Jill & Tucker poll.

Risky acquisition.
I love watching Jack grimace in pain and then grab for his pills, which seem to bring almost instantaneous relief. Too funny! Are the pills making Jack grumpy? Could be, as he called Junior over to give him a dressing down about an acquisition he made. Tucker then stopped by to deliver a warning – could this have been foreshadowing of what’s to come at Newman? If so, it’s good that there’s been a thaw in relations between Phyllis and Adam, who will need to work together to help Jack. As for Jack and Phyllis, it’s interesting that they wound up kissing after they each had realized they were alone and had no one else. It's kind of a sad way to get together.

No Thanksgiving for you, Cupcake.
It's pretty idiotic for Avery to expect her relationship with Nick not to negatively affect her relationship with Phyllis. As for Avery and her kitchen – why are they always showing her cooking now? This makes me want to eat every time! She needs to just stop before the, ahem, viewers begin putting on weight. Enough!

Shot in the back.
While Victor hung back in Genoa City tooting his own horn to Nikki, Billy and Nick took their crusade to save Vikki down to Miami. Vikki, meanwhile, was cunningly trying to entice Eddie into letting her go by clouding his judgment with visions of fishing trips with Tommy in the Caribbean. That’s when Eddie got shot in the back of course. At first I thought the shooter was Victor’s henchman, so it was a surprise twist that Eddie was working for someone else. Anyway, through the wonders of technology, Nick and Billy pinpointed Vikki’s location just in time. Did anyone else wonder for a minute if Vikki was really dead? Anyway, Billy is firmly in the doghouse moving forward.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! What did you think of "Y&R" this week? Comment below.

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- Candace Young