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Restless Rant
Week of November 12 – 16:

It wasn't an earth-shatteringly exciting week on "The Young and the Restless," and we need something more going on in the romance/passion and comic relief categories, but it was solid drama. Some talking points...

Hole in her soul.
Well, Sharon got a diagnosis and a prescription this week. Here’s hoping she’s on the road to stability – she’s going to need her wits about her to deal with Chelsea, who is showing definite signs of destabilizing. How creepy would it be to wake up with your ex's new wife staring down at you? Gah! Sharon also saw her kids this week. I found the scenes where Faith was 'scared' of her mother very odd. In other news, Adam’s guilty conscience peeked out when he generously offered to cover any outstanding costs Jeffrey had relating to the Gloworm fire – won’t take Chelsea long to do the math on this one.

Over at the tackhouse.
Noah unveiled the truth about his time in New York – he had a whirlwind affair that ended in a cheating scandal, which has now led to him hiding a bag of cash for the person who wronged him. Glad to see he’s not as dysfunctional as the rest of the family... Nick, meanwhile, divided his time between trying to rid himself of Phyllis, and chasing her sister. How convenient, and ridiculous, that his kids endorsed the idea of him boinking 'Aunt Avery'. This would be mortifying to any teen in real life. It would have been more realistic if they played it that Nick’s actions were adding to Summer’s issues. Speaking of which, Summer’s problems seem to be compounding as she’s under suspicion of cyber-bullying and is ticking off her partner in crime, Fen, to boot. That can’t be good.

Little piece of metal.
After the beer, pizza, and begging debacle that spelled the end for Ronan, Phyllis is trying to move on from him and Nick, and moved in with Jack. They make a great support system for each other – no bones about it – but totally lack zing as a romantic pairing, so if it’s going that way, here's hoping it doesn’t last long. As for Jack, mere days into his painkiller addiction storyline he’s already downing 'em like a kid scarfing Smarties on Halloween night. By next week he should be fluctuating between being right out of it and flying into uncontrollable rages. Not ideal for a man trying to run with the big boys!

Corporate shenanigans.
While Jill and Tucker worked to convince Katherine to accept a solution that would make us all very happy – Jill and Katherine running Chancellor together, Neil had his eye on a new, ahem, hire - Leslie. Dear Neil, hitting on someone while trying to get them to come and work for you is sleazy. Okay? Thanks. Anyway, I’d love it if Leslie stuck around, but can’t Neil let Harmony be gone longer than five minutes before he’s chasing someone else? Also, where are Devon, Cane, and Lily? What’s up with the guerrilla marketing team? No idea what’s going on there…

Destination Miami.
What a hot mess! We’ve got Victoria trying and failing to finesse her way out of Eddie’s clutches, while back at home, Billy and the Newmans wasted precious time indulging in an insult-slinging fest that led to Billy heading out with the briefcase of money and Neanderthal Nick in tow. They’re bound to muff this up. Otherwise, what fun would it be for Victor, who we all know is just waiting for it to be proven that he should have gone himself. Who do you think should be the one to save Victoria? Vote in's Y&R Rescuing Victoria poll.

Not enough.
So, if the video of Ricky killing Rachel wasn’t enough for Michael to drop the charges against Paul, and Paul doesn't want to use the footage in his defense – why the heck did Chris and Heather even go looking for it? To cap it off, Christine ended up kissing Paul. It was gasp-worthy that Nina walked in on it. I’d like to see Nina kick her butt. Just sayin'...

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- Candace Young