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Katherine and Jill: The beginning.

In "The Young And The Restless" history, 1973, Katherine Chancellor met a young Jill Foster…

Jill Foster first came on the scene as a shampoo girl and manicurist. While helping to support her family, she met a new client, Katherine Chancellor. Katherine took a liking to Jill and hired the girl 'with big dreams' as her personal assistant. It didn't take long before Jill did the one thing that sparked the lifelong love/hate relationship between these two strong characters…

Jill slept with Katherine's husband Phillip and fell madly in love with him. Katherine refused to let her husband slip away and pushed her son Brock toward Jill, who agreed to marry him. Before the newlyweds consummated their marriage Jill realized she was pregnant with Phillip's baby. Phillip wanted to marry Jill and asked Katherine for a divorce. Brock and Jill's marriage was null and void, and Katherine ended up signing Phillip's divorce papers during a drunken stupor. Phillip left for the Dominican in order to obtain a quickie divorce.

Katherine found out when Phillip returned home and met him at the airport. Phillip accepted her offer to drive him home but refused Katherine, who pleaded with him for a second chance. Katherine put her foot to the gas pedal, took a sharp turn and ended up soaring over a cliff. Though Katherine sustained serious injuries, Phillip couldn't be saved and married Jill on his deathbed. After Phillip died, Jill continued to blame Katherine for killing the love of her life for many, many years. And so their feud carried on…

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- Amy Mistretta