Darcy Rose Byrnes Says Goodbye to The Young and the Restless! image

Darcy Rose as Abby. (Byrnes family)

Soaps.com readers, this morning I received a very special message from Darcy Rose Byrnes (Abby Carlton) to pass along to you. As most of you know, the role of Abby is being aged, and the role will be recast, which means Darcy will be moving on from The Young and the Restless.

When the news came, Darcy was saddened, but not surprised. This is what she said:

"I will miss Y&R so much! I will never forget the fun I had with the cast and crew. I hope that I will work with them all again! Thank-you Y&R, for letting me be......'Blabby' Abby!"

Darcy's spokesperson went on to say that "her experience working with the unspeakably talented cast and crew over the past 5 years has been foundational in the way she regards the art, craft and business of storytelling. The impression made upon her by the integrity and creativity of the Bell family will continue to influence her for years to come. Darcy also looks forward to working with CBS & Sony in the future."

Of course, Darcy has been very successful in her other acting endeavors, especially in Primetime television series and movies. Her upcoming TV appearances include a guest spot on "Medium" ("A Taste of Her Own Medicine"), and an episode of "Private Practice" ("Homeward Bound").

Darcy Rose will also be seen in "A Thousand Words", a movie directed by Brian Robbins and starring Eddie Murphy, slated for an October 2009 release.

Ironically, as Darcy steps out of the role of 'Abby' in a 're-cast', it is also as a 're-cast', that she steps into the role of 'Kiki George' on the Primetime series "Dirty Sexy Money". Look for her debut in the episode entitled "The Injured Party" this Wednesday November 19 on ABC (check your local listing for times).

Finally, Darcy also wanted to say "You Rock!" to all the loyal fans for their support! "Keep Watching!"

Soaps.com will miss Darcy Rose as she leaves Y&R, but at the same time, we know this talented young actress has a bright future ahead of her, and we're wishing her all the best! Darcy Rose, you rock!