Seymour (Rachel Worth/

Desperate actions.

In this week's Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2006 when Billy Abbott's family thought it was best to ship him to Hong Kong…

Billy Abbott was a bit of a rebellious teenager, so after high school he decided to do something good and left for Louisiana to help during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. His travels also brought him to Miami before he (then played by Scott Seymour) returned to Genoa City for his father's, John Abbott's, funeral.

Not wanting him to leave again, Katherine and Jill convinced Billy to stay and season himself to work at Jabot Cosmetics and/or Chancellor Industries. He attended college and started work at the bottom - in the mailroom at Jabot. No one had any idea that Billy had a big problem though - a gambling problem. When Billy fessed up and admitted he owed some bookies in Miami a ton of cash, no one would give him money to pay them off. Billy took matters into his own hands and stole from Katherine. After the truth surfaced, Jack and Jill gave Billy a new position in the family business and shipped him off to Hong Kong.

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- Amy Mistretta