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Restless Rant
Week of September 17 – 21:

"Y&R" continued to feel like "The Twilight Zone" this week. Here are some points on the storylines:

Warehouse five.
There is so much about this story that’s difficult to understand, such as Genevieve continuing to work as a bar maid even after she thought Victor had moved on, Billy connecting Nikki with Victor before coming clean to Victoria, and Victor/Christian continually acting shell-shocked. Does having amnesia mean you stand gaping silently at people when they speak to you, or answer the phone without saying hello? Gah.

Triple threat.
What was that nonsense with Chelsea/Lily/Chloe at Crimson Lights, followed by the further nonsense with Adam/Kevin/Cane at Jimmy’s? Why on earth would they be holding a business meeting there instead of at Jabot, or at least the coffee house? Weird! As for Kevin and Adam’s bickering – no one really cares much about this Tag 'n' Grab stuff – it’s far from riveting storyline material. The flirting between Lily and Cane toward the end was the only part that felt genuine.

On a break.
Phyllis’ family has moved out, so it will be interesting to see if things heat up with her and Ronan again. They certainly have chemistry, though he was a little weirdly intense getting all up close and personal with her in Crimson Lights. It was fitting that Christine got to be the one to point out to Phyllis that losing her family was karma kicking in. This may be all the satisfaction Christine gets considering people rarely go to jail on this show!

As for Christine ranting at Ronan and Michael at the station – it was over the top, and it's ridiculous that she rides into town once in a blue moon and starts barking orders – to borrow Ronan’s phrase, it’s not her ‘house’!

They grow on me more each week as a pairing.

Let’s draw kitties.
Loved being surprised by a Patty appearance this week! Kudos! I also enjoyed the relatively civil exchange between Nina and Ronan earlier in the week with regard to Paul’s case – much better than past interactions. As satisfying as it was for Paul to get in and get the information he so desperately needed from Daisy, I couldn’t help but worry that if anyone found out he had been there, she would be considered a compromised witness. In the super-bizarro moment of the month, Paul and the others returned to Fairview only to learn that Daisy had been checked out by…her mother! What?

A big ‘screw you’.
The drama surrounding Newman Enterprises was probably the most compelling stuff to watch this week. Jack’s overconfidence, and people constantly stating what a big risk he’s taking, are sure signs that nothing good will come of his Newman stock strategy. As for Sharon, she provided much of the week’s amusement - handing Vikki her things in a wastebasket, coolly informing Nick and Vikki she no longer required their services etc. One of the best scenes was Sharon’s run-in with Adam in the Club, which didn’t go at all the way she thought it would. That was followed up by the scene at Newman with Abby, Adam, Nick, and Victoria. Good stuff. It was also refreshing to see Sharon doubting herself in Tucker’s office – like a glimpse at how she used to be – before Tucker showed her the photo of Victor and manipulated things again. Does anyone have a guess how this will all turn out? Vote in’s Y&R Newman Drama poll.

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