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Restless Rant
Week of September 10 – 14:

This is what jumped out from the past week of "Y&R." Read and comment!

Smashing the snow globe.
It was an interesting twist to have the snow globe contain a flashdrive with a cryptic lie from Ricky on it, rather than the hoped for evidence of him murdering Rachel. Of course, this isn’t good for Paul, but it brings us to Lauren making the decision to come clean about the gun, which is only fair. I still want to know what could possibly have happened to Ricky’s knife…

Crazy Daisy.
Sharon finding Daisy in the mental institution was an unexpected development, and the only element of Sharon’s stay at Fairview worth watching. Snoozefest. Who else wants to see what happens when Daisy walks in on Daniel and Heather’s sexytime? Show of hands!

Taking over.
Well, Victoria had just got comfortable with the idea that she wouldn’t have to give up Victor’s office until he returned when Sharon reappeared. "I’m baaack!" As eye-opening as Sharon’s new attitude has been, I’m getting slightly weary of the Newman Enterprises Go-Round. I particularly don’t like the angle with Billy keeping Victor at bay on purpose so that Victoria can play CEO – this is not going to be good for their marriage when it comes out! It’s tough to get too worried about Jack and Tucker’s stock purchases – probably nothing more than an annoyance to The Mustache when he returns – unless they team up perhaps. A more likely scenario is that Jack’s greed will spank him – again – and he’ll lose out big time.

L.A. dockworkers unite.
Ye gads. This storyline just doesn’t have anything compelling going on. Bring Victor home – let's see ‘Christian’ run Newman Enterprises…

Flicker of humanity?
So, is Jeffrey actually softening at the prospect of being a granddaddy, or is he just playing Chelsea and Adam more effectively? Does anyone care? I love Jeff’s one-liners, but also find the idea of him having a softer side intriguing.

Pizza and a dog?
The fact that our once super-stylish fashionista, Chloe, turned up in her dowdy house with a weird-looking dog like Bobby is proof positive of how far wrong things have gone with this character. Now she’s toting this pooch around everywhere like she used to do with Delia – where is Delia anyway? In any case, Kevin finally cracked and ‘fessed up to wifey about being involved in the cover-up of Tim’s death. Ready for the break up! Ready for old Chloe to come back!

Phyllis drama.
Michael continued his single-minded quest to filet his ‘best friend’ and his brother to the exclusion of all his other cases – more than a little bizarre! Meanwhile, the fallout of Phyllis’ ‘affair’ with Ronan began to play out this week – seems she may be getting some payback for her misdeeds by seeing her family falling apart. In the ‘out of left field’ department, Summer has suddenly become joined at the hip with that ghastly NuFen, and decided randomly to purchase alcohol and take it to Crimson Lights (huh?) as a means of getting back at her parents. This, of course, got everyone riled up and warranted mention of Cassie’s death. I was intrigued by Ronan’s declaration of love for Phyllis, in that I can’t decide whether to believe it or not. In any case, Nick spent the week running around town in a fluster after Ronan told him to his face that he wants his wife. What do you think Nick should do? Let us know by voting in’s Y&R Nick’s Dilemma poll.

What did you love or hate about "Y&R" this week? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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