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Restless Rant
Week of August 20 – 24:

There's a lot of wacky stuff going on in Genoa City. The comedy's been top-notch, but some storylines are decidedly lacking in depth and others went completely missing this week!

Thrill pills.
Some viewers have pointed out that Phyllis is way too savvy to have invited Tim to her own penthouse to drug him up and make him miss the deposition, and it’s true. However, Phyllis also always thinks she’s in control, which makes it just a teensy bit viable. Basically, we were asked to suspend disbelief for the sake of getting Kevin pulled into Phyllis’ mess, which has actually been pretty entertaining. Watching Kevin and Phyllis squirm, bicker in hushed tones, and get caught in odd situations such as hoisting her coffee table into the air is funny...and way better viewing than being bored silly by Kevin discussing the website with Chloe. I also love that Michael, as D.A., will completely lose his mind when he finds out Kevin’s involved.

I was puzzled by Ronan's change in attitude toward Phyllis this week; one minute he's her caring buddy and is all about helping her, the next he's acting like robocop and seems out to get her. Which is it? Viewers don't want another character who is all over the place.

Port of Los Angeles.
This tale with Victor is moving so slow it’s enough to make us all want to swig from a bottle in a paper bag. It’s been two weeks and we still don’t know if he has amnesia or what. The nun guest-star angle has done zero to enhance things. Worse, when Genevieve walked into the bar, not only did she not realize Victor was two feet away from her, but, ‘ta da’, magically there was a new bartender who had never seen him before! Gah. Anyway, thus far it appears he fell off his horse onto his head, wandered off, hitched a ride, gambled in Vegas, wound up hanging with the dock workers, kicked some ass, and now can only recall the name he went by as a teenager, Christian. Hoo boy.

I’d do worse.
Jack trying to use Abby to buy up Newman shares did nothing for me this week. He's far from a 'one-note' character so it would have been nice to see at least a bit of reflection on his part before he started up with the greed again, considering he ran Ashley off, and already has Beauty of Nature. I was glad Abby decided to buy shares on her own, and was even happier that she made that decision while in bed with Carmine. Rawr!

Restless Style TV.
The Restless Style TV show was good fun again this week, but one thing I don't get is Billy running around doing the dirty work himself like a smarmy paparazzi - not that it doesn't suit his personality, but it makes no sense for someone in his position.

Professional arm candy.
Sharon was downright scary at the beginning of the week, warning peeps not to even think of messing with her! Yike! By week’s end she’d backed up her words with action – by giving Abby’s horses away! In between, Sharon had various run-ins with naysayers, including Kyle, who held nothing back in telling her what he thought of her. It made for a rather riveting scene, although whenever Kyle talks I tend to become distracted, thinking, “He doesn’t sound like a guy that went to boarding school…” In any case, it gave him an excuse to shack up with Eden, and is bound to be something he can dish about with Jack. Back to Sharon, much of the rest of her week was spent having her strings pulled by Tucker, or dealing with her emotions after learning Chelsea is expecting Adam’s baby. Her tantrum at the ranch was truly odd to watch! It was interesting that she got teary with Nick when he brought Faith by after that. It made it seem like she’s cracking up a bit. That said, it was refreshing to see a glimpse of kinder, gentler Sharon and to get a look at her inner thoughts. Who else thinks her breaking point will come when she realizes she’s been played for a fool by Tucker? Vote in's Y&R Breaking Point poll.

Baby boom.
Chelsea and Adam’s lovey-dovey scenes have gotten to the point of inane. They giggle and goo but it’s all very superficial. The ‘we’re having a baby’ scene was no different. It was cute, of course, but seemed to take place mainly as a component in Sharon’s storyline. Not to mention, in contrast, what Adam and Sharon had was very complex, and so many more beats could have been played... I'd like to see Adam figure out what Tucker's doing and work with Sharon behind-the-scenes to double-cross him. Not only would this make things interesting with the siblings and Victor, but Chelsea discovering that Adam had been working with Sharon behind her back would also give them some conflict; something to work through to add depth to their relationship.

Paul, the Winters family, and Daniel & Heather are examples of characters/stories that weren’t seen this week at all. Even Cane’s ‘sister mystery’ wasn’t touched on – maybe because Gen was chasing the Mustache down in Vegas, which by the way was a smidge more entertaining than watching her scramble to pay for a sandwich (please!). Not that any of these storylines are stellar, but continuity is always appreciated.

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- Candace Young