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Restless Rant
Week of August 6 – 10:

Here's what stood out this week on "Y&R:"

In the dust.
While Sharon hooking up with Victor will never be okay in my book, the story of Sharon getting utterly fed-up and becoming unhinged made for the most entertaining scenes this week. From her drunkenly crashing Nikki’s wedding reception, and kissing Tucker, to her denying any knowledge of the pre-nup and later setting it on fire, Sharon’s been a divine disaster! She’s been sad, funny, and yet shrewd. Her scenes with Nikki have been ‘must-see’. I’d still like to understand Sharon’s point-of-view better in all of this, but it is what it is - can’t wait to see what she's going to do next!

They have history.
Victor sure knows how to push Nikki’s buttons, doesn’t he? By letting the horse go back to the stable in full tack, he planted the seed that something bad could have happened to him, guaranteeing that she would fixate on his whereabouts at the expense of her new marriage to Jack Abbott. It’s also made for some delicious material between Nikki and Sharon. Nikki sending that text to Sharon (and her devilish smile after she hit 'send') was hilarious. Even better was Victoria’s response – "Mom! That’s terrible. But I really love it." Awesome. As for Victor, he turned up on a wharf in the Port of Los Angeles looking pensive. Wonder what he’s up to…and what he’ll come home to…

Restless rag?
The Restless Style TV show was down 'n' dirty good fun – Abby was a natural - no surprise there! It was awesome to see the bustle and snarky interactions return to the RS offices. One question - when did the upscale trendy fashion magazine turn into a full-on gossip rag? That TV show is all about the mud-slinging! It was funny watching other characters react and make remarks as the show aired – Victoria getting pissed at Billy, Adam muttering that he was surprised not to have heard his own name, and Phyllis becoming a zingy bundle of nerves after becoming next week’s teaser. Good stuff! What did you think of Restless Style TV? Let us know by voting in Soaps.com’s Y&R Restless Style TV poll.

Paul’s problems.
Similar to last week, Paul’s whole song and dance about pleading guilty was on my last nerve. Thankfully, a few people gave him something to think about. It was good that Nina returned (though I was disappointed in her exchange with Ronan again), and that Michael stuck his neck out to advise Paul. Heather’s hand-wringing and crying on Daniel’s shoulder later in the week seemed a little out of character for her – surprised she’s not being more of a tough cookie.

Hypnosis fun.
Wow, Eden really got physical in that hypnosis session! I was pretty into these scenes. It did strike me as strange that there would be three people observing, but oh well. Kyle was surprisingly protective and sweet afterwards – it was a side of him we hadn’t really seen before.

Website drama.
Adam and Kevin pulled it together and worked as a team when it mattered, which was mildly satisfying, but still decidedly lackluster as storylines go. Meanwhile, Chelsea made nice with Victoria, which is just all too good to be true. The specter of foreshadowing looms large... By the way, Chelsea’s scenes with Jeffrey made me miss Jill – would have loved for her to be there riding Jeff about his new paternal status.

The worst first date.
Just as Harmony told Neil they were 'trying too hard' on their date, "Y&R" is trying too hard to push this pairing. With Lily, Cane, Devon, and Katherine all giving their stamp of approval, it seems like they're trying to 'sell' it to viewers. Harmony has more natural chemistry with Sarge, and some aren't ready to see Neil as 'happy dating guy' so soon after being such a cad to Sofia.

Interesting that Cane received a promotion from Jack – does this mean we’ll see him more, or less? Just asking!

Fired up Phyllis.
It’s very true to character for Phyllis to have gone haywire after seeing Billy’s teaser on TV and to act rashly while trying to 'control' everything. This is how she becomes her own worst enemy. Going over to Billy and Victoria’s only made the situation worse, as did hiding Tim’s blackmail attempts from Avery and Nick, and paying Tim off again. One thing that felt off was Avery dumping Phyllis as a client two seconds after hearing about the payoff. How convenient that she’d been approached by Heather to represent Paul mere moments before! Phyllis paying off Tim should hardly have ruffled Avery’s feathers – she knows Phyllis too well. It didn’t ring true.

What did you love or hate about "Y&R" this week? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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