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Restless Rant
Week of July 23 – 27:

There will likely be a lot of changes ahead for "Y&R" as Maria Arena Bell Exits and Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith Return. In the meantime, here’s a look at the current storylines:

Jabot/Beauty of Nature.
Something tells me that Jack is going to end up merging the companies and then lose them to The Mustache. Does anyone else have that feeling? Jack may be riding high right now, but I don’t like his chances when he’s pissed Victor off to the degree he has this time. You know you’re toast when Victor stares you down and the vein in his cheek throbs. Yike!

This has turned out to be quite the little sideshow, what with Phyllis getting a look at the view from the other side, Neanderthal Nick sucker punching his brother-in-law, and Billy deciding to run the video footage for fun. However, it didn’t feel quite right that Victoria told Billy to go ahead and use the footage of Nick. Not only had she just told Billy she was declining job offers based on avoiding ‘drama’, ahem, but it seemed out of character for her.

Sly Sharon.
From her sorta' smug reaction to Ashley’s advice on Monday, to her snarky confrontations with Nikki and Chelsea on Friday, off-kilter Sharon is definitely getting viewers' attention. She makes me grin... The best was when she pulled out the lipstick she stole from Chelsea in Victor’s office and slicked it on with that self-satisfied smile. The only thing missing is her going a round with Phyllis – hopefully that’s coming. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do or say next…

The parent trap.
Imagine having Anita and Jeffrey as parental units! As satisfying as it was to see Chelsea order them out of her house, it will be entertaining to see them weasel their way back in next time. Pitting Adam and Jeffrey in scenes together is one-liner heaven! As a bonus, having some issues to deal with should bring super-gooey newlyweds Chelsea and Adam back down into the real world - the cutesy stuff is getting to be overkill. Speaking of parents, I enjoyed the Adam/Victor exchange in Crimson Lights this week. An interesting change of pace...

Tag and Grab.
This name for Kevin and Chloe’s website is a lot like the storyline itself; a little awkward and not very exciting. I dream of Chloe and Kevin splitting up – he’s acting like a grumpy ol’ grandpa lately, and really ticked me off with his attitude to Carmine’s apology. When you compare Kevin and Carmine’s transgressions, Carmine comes out looking like a boy scout! I mean, Kevin once locked Colleen in a restaurant fridge and set fire to the joint – who is he to judge anyone?

Pool party.
Carmine and Abby continue to be the hottest new couple. I love that Abby knows what she wants regardless of who likes it. Devon and Roxy are so cute together, except I thought for a minute he was going to propose and he only gave her a trip to Chicago…oh well. As for Kyle and Eden, she’s just not zippy enough for him. Kyle is the type who should be stirring everyone up by sleeping with a sexy older woman, or even a married woman – he needs a reason for that glint in his eye…

Aussie mystery.
It looks like Tucker’s being somehow drawn into the latest Aussie debacle. In all honesty, I’m not ‘feeling’ Tucker and Genevieve as two people with all this history, and most especially not as a couple with unexplored passion for each other. It looks like the sister, Samantha, probably isn’t dead, and following the clues gives Cane and Lily something to do, but otherwise, it’s a bit of a dud storyline. I’d rather see Cane and Lily have work-related stories and Tucker paired with someone else (no, not Super Harmony). Are you interested in this storyline? Let Soaps.com know by voting in our Y&R Aussie Mystery poll.

Sofia’s dream.
Well, Sofia’s dream may be crushed by ornery Neil. It’s not that I can’t see his point in wanting to keep his son nearby; it’s the condescending way in which he spoke to Sofia that was such a turn-off. I’m sure with their big executive salaries they could ‘share’ Moses without much trouble. Neil’s autopilot setting is ‘jerk’.

Down at the station.
For the record, if someone told me they were my friend and then followed it up by asking if I’d murdered someone I’d probably smack them too. As for the rest of the Phyllis hit-and-run tale, it’s been fairly entertaining to see Christine trying to run the show, Ronan, Michael, and Avery all in there sniping, and Phyllis backed into a corner. She inadvertently put her foot in it when she admitted to sending Tim out of town – Christine was right in saying it makes her look guilty. Whoops! As for Paul, it’s a good thing Heather is looking out for him! When are Michael and Lauren going to come clean about that gun?

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