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Restless Rant
Week of July 16 - 20:

"Y&R" is chock full of controversial storylines and behavior this week! Let's take a look.

Nikki may love Jack, but not as much as she loves Victor - the pair can't find enough excuses to get into each other's orbit. Ultimately, marrying Nikki is probably a waste of Jack's time, but it's hard to feel bad for him - he doesn't seem to care that Nikki's as obsessed with Victor as he is! On another note, it's cool that Jack's moving his leg, and forging a friendship with Sarge. Good stuff.

Adam and Chelsea are all 'feel good' love. It's romantic, and I enjoyed their wedding. The pairing comes across 'vanilla' at times, I think, because it doesn't have that over-the-top intensity of a couple who has fought to be together, or who share a forbidden love. Sharon and Adam had that in spades, although Adam is clearly closed off to it at this point. Sharon's reaction to Adam's rejection seemed more one of resignation than devastating heartbreak. After Sherlock Newman located her, and showed up in Kansas to confront her and take her back to the ranch, Sharon almost seemed devoid of emotion. Scary good. Especially considering she's already showed signs of heading off the deep end again. Anticipation... As for Victor, it's patently obvious he's a mere consolation prize to Sharon, yet he still moved her in. His only act of vengeance was to stick her in the guestroom? Really? Who is this man and what has he done with The Mustache?

The website.
Chloe and Kevin's website idea was marginally more interesting this week with Adam taking such a keen interest, but not worth sitting through scenes with Chloe cooing at Kevin that he's sexy when they disagree. They still have no couple chemistry, and won't no matter what their storyline. To steal Victor's line, "It ain't gonna' happen."

Poor Paul.
I cannot believe Michael and Lauren are sitting on what they know about the gun, while Paul gets charged with premeditated murder. Has everyone gone nuts? Nina, so desperate to have a loving relationship with Ronan, gives him a bitch blast every time she turns around. She never gives him the benefit of the doubt, which makes no sense given how she supposedly feels. And why isn't anyone helping Eden to regain her memories? Hit her over the head, hypnotize her - someone do something! Also, what became of that knife? Inquiring minds want to know - I'm very leery of how that's going to be explained...

Though we've 'been there, done that' with Victor's disapproving daddy routine, it's worth it to see Abby get back to her naughty self. The basketball court bush nookie made me laugh - vintage Naked Heiress! Abby and Carmine are extremely hot together, and I always get the feeling there is more to Carmine than meets the eye, or than we know yet. Intriguing!

The hit-and-run.
This storyline has viewers and characters alike in an uproar. What works is the way so many characters are being pulled into the story and how it's causing conflict and controversy for everyone involved. However, some details don't make sense and some characters aren't necessarily acting as we'd expect. By week's end my head was spinning. Here's what I mean:

Phyllis's kids and Nick: though no one could blame them for turning against her, Nick, after his usual knee-jerk reaction to cut and run, pointed out that Phyllis would stand by and fight if any one of them were in a similar position, which is probably true given her 'mama bear' personality. So they're sticking by her (we'll see how long it lasts), and as a result, we got a glimpse of feisty Summer - interesting. Ronan: although he shared intimacy with Phyllis, opened up to her, and has a soft spot for her, it's weird that he's being overly harsh toward Christine, who is a friend. Avery: she's trying to make up for all the years of not believing Phyllis about their dad by defending her now. Misguided? Maybe, but understandable. Besides, estranged siblings bonding is satisfying. Heather: she had an unexpectedly watered-down response to Phyllis's arrest. Odd. Billy: he's doing what he has to do - what Phyllis would likely do in his position - can't blame him. Michael: should have nothing to do with Phyllis's case - in what universe would a D.A. be allowed to make the prosecution's case against one of his best friends? Paul and Christine: his outrage, and her need to exact payback from Phyllis are right on the money. That said, Christine's self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitude is often unbearable, so it's fun to see people getting in her face - can't lie. Phyllis: though she has mellowed some over the years, if what she's accused of is true, she definitely needs to pay some price here. Will she? It's hard to see a way out for her, but this is a soap! In the meantime, there's nothing more entertaining than seeing a controversial, edgy character like Phyllis in a tight spot like this one! Where do you stand? Vote in's Y&R Hit-and-Run poll.


Here's what some readers have had to say in email about "Y&R" recently:

Barbara says, I'm really losing interest in "Y&R," it's getting ridiculous with Sharon and Victor together - yuk! I agree, get rid of the bad wigs and Harmony at the same time. The new Heather is terrible. The storyline is pat, so now once again they are repeating stories that have been done before. Will there be court scenes once more? This show is absolutely boring and uninteresting. I have watched it since the beginning and now it's time to let it go.

Carmen rants, I am very disappointed in repeated storylines on "Y&R." I wish Drucilla would return. Cricket returning and pouting over something from 1994 is a joke. The writing has costs the show some awards.

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