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Restless Rant for the week of July 9 – 13:

Candi’s on holiday, so I elected to dish a little on what happened in Genoa City this past week. I confess have been enormously discontented with the writing for the past year and initially thought my rant would be too harsh but surprisingly, this week gave us some excitement, a bit of mystery and intrigue. While I don't have much to say, let's get right to it.

I admit it. I love Sharon when she is at her lowest, screwing and pilfering. She’s just so much more fun. Still, it’s been more than a year since we were promised that we’d see a stronger Sharon. This isn’t a strong woman. It’s a woman on the edge who can’t handle issues that life has to offer. Was it Chelsea’s big sparkler that put her over the edge? The fact that Adam moved on so fast with a woman he has known such a short time? Bottom line, Sharon needs a friend. She needs Dru. Maybe Dr. Tim, too...

The hit-and-run:
Like Sharon, I love Phyllis when she’s nuts. Are you seeing a trend? Most fans are tickled pink at the prospect that Phyllis could get her arse thrown in jail. I don’t recall Christine being on the payroll as a federal agent – was that a rewrite to make things seem more dire for Phyllis? Either way, it worked. The evidence is piling up and honestly I see no way out for her. I can’t imagine how she must be feeling and I don’t see it likely that she’ll get off at this point. What do you think will happen once Nick finds out? Vote!

I think it’s a bad move to have Michael as the DA. I realize the writers did this only to give this specific storyline more drama but after this is over, won’t he have to give half his cases to Heather anyway, considering the conflict of interest he has with half of Genoa City? He’s already been unethical!

Billy and Victoria:
For those of us too young to know what "Father Knows Best" is or who don't care enough to read up on it, Billy and Victoria's sofa is really just a really fugly sofa in a really fugly house. I know I’m likely not in the majority when I say I’d love to see them portrayed as more of a hip couple. They’re young and sexy so why are they being showcased as a 50 year old couple?

The Nekked Heiress:
I'm glad Abby is back as our Naked Heiress. This show needs her zany brand of crazy and considering the writing for her became dull, she's about the only one keeping me awake right now. That being said, her actual stunts are getting a bit ridiculous and she’s getting too old for this type of mischief. Even Paris Hilton knew when the jig was up. I’d rather see her written with an edge but an age-appropriate edge!

Poor Paul.
The dude never catches a break. He never gets a relationship, never gets any nookie and now he killed his son. I'm heartbroken for him. Did he imagine the knife? I’m doubtful, especially after the rosary turning up at the church. "Missfits," one of Soaps.com’s posters asks, "Who would want to hurt Paul?" Perhaps the person is trying to hide something else. I don't know about you but to me, all signs point to Daisy.

Is he desperate or just a cad?
Patch oops... wrong show... Tucker doesn’t have much compunction about moving on from Ashley moments after signing divorce papers. I realize he and Genevieve had a past but really? It’s no surprise considering he hasn’t been the most loyal man in GC but I am still having trouble resigning myself to seeing these two together. Maybe it'll take time.

Random Ponderings:

I know it’s nuts but sometimes I miss Diane Jenkins and Patti.

I mourn Chloe’s short hair and fashionable wardrobe.

How come the hair and wardrobe team ignore Nina?

Will Jack experience a predictable miracle at his wedding or will there even be a wedding?

Can we break up Cane and Lily and give Cane more to do?

I feel bad but I'd be lying if I said I cared about Chelsea, Anita, Harmony, Genevieve, Devon, Carmine and Neil. If I feel this way, others must. Do you? Share your own thoughts with me below.

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- Christine Fix