Restless Rant
Week of July 2 - 6:

Monday - Pink Elephant.
Things kicked off with a snarkfest between Victor and Jack at the park. I love their sparring sessions when they are clever, but bickering over who is more worried about Abby was in poor taste. Abby, meanwhile, had called Ashley to admit she kidnapped herself, meaning Ashley had to eat crow to Victor - this made for a very realistic scene between the former spouses. Back at the no-tell motel, Abby drooled over Carmine's physique and decided she might just hang out a while longer. Who can blame her! Over at the Club, it was a totally heart-wrenching scene as Paul reacted to Ricky falling through the window. Eden was taken to the hospital with a convenient case of amnesia, and Paul remained at the scene. It's hard to remember a time I've seen more powerful emotion on a soap. Paul's dazed shock and anguish was palpable. He even appeared to be on the verge of being sick at one point - so believable! Batman, er, Ronan, was very kind in how he spoke to Paul - another touching moment. We also learned that the knife wasn't found at the crime scene (where could it have gone?), and that Paul used Lauren's unregistered gun. Uh oh.

Tuesday - Hometown Hero.
In the aftermath of Paul shooting Ricky, Lauren nearly gave Michael a coronary by telling him it was her unregistered gun that Paul used. Through clenched teeth, the new D.A. asked her to just wait before confessing. What happened to doing things 'by the book'? Just saying... Over at the station, Paul returned from his pointless visit to Isabella and underwent questioning from Ronan, during which he finally shared that Ricky had confessed to at least two murders. Sure there's no proof, but I can't help wondering why they're acting as though Paul could possibly be guilty of anything illegal. Like Nick said - he's Paul! The police routinely call Paul in to help them - it's crazy that his word wouldn't be worth more. In any case, it was another superb display of genuine emotion as Paul expressed his guilty feelings to Nina - total tissuefest! Kudos to Ronan for getting his mom over there. Meanwhile, Eden had to re-enact the shooting but still couldn't remember anything, and Daniel acted weird when he heard Ricky confessed to getting rid of Daisy.

Wednesday - Whiplash.
Well, it's official. I can't get enough of Abby and Carmine. When she was kneeling in front of him telling him she had his back today I was nearly leaping out of my seat for them to kiss - and they did! Hot! Katherine's annual Fourth of July barbecue also had some good moments - such as Devon reconnecting with Katherine and Tucker. Ashley being straight with Harmony was refreshing - at least one person isn't leaping on the bandwagon to kiss Super Harmony's butt - even Sofia's lobbying on Harmony's behalf with Neil. Give me a break. Over at the Club, the mystery of who sent the retro toys deepened as Cane received an email that made reference to secret names known only by him and his later sister. Anyone else wonder if Samantha's alive? Upstairs at the Club, Chelsea had an attack of doubt over her engagement, but Adam reassured her. Later, he defended her when spoiled Victoria Newman jumped to the conclusion that it was all about her. Egad. Last but not least, Abby and Carmine got arrested just as she was about to go off on Ashley for kissing Tucker. Saved by the cuffs!

Thursday - Come To Papa!
It was nice to see the naughtier side of Adam emerge as he suggested to Chelsea that they go tell Jeffrey about their engagement. Over at Gloworm, Jeff tried to wiggle out of taking any responsibility whatsoever - he's definitely the 'worm' in 'Gloworm'! Unfortunately for Jeffrey, Anita crashed on in and exposed the truth - he is the father! It was hilarious when he turned on that big cheesy grin and yelled, "Come to Papa!" Glo's tight-lipped reaction was perfect too - bet he'll be sleeping on the sofa for a while. Nearby, Sharon narrowed her eyes in Adam and Chelsea's direction before calling Nick to alert him to Abby's arrest. Over at the police station, Abby seemed a bit surprised to find everyone seriously pissed at her latest escapade - including Carmine, who tried fervently to make nice with an amused Victor. I was all caught up in the antics at the station and Gloworm during this episode - well done! Also intriguing was the Sharon/Tucker run-in - could they be testing the chemistry? Less interesting was the plan to get Daniel off the hook for Daisy's murder. I'm feeling over it already.

Friday - Are You Serious?
Ronan's back and his mom doesn't think he's changed. However, that doesn't prevent his new hairstyle from being distracting. Michael ran off to look for evidence while Ronan raked Paul over the coals, suggesting that Ricky confessed because he knew Paul would kill him. Is he on to something? Vote in Soaps.com's Snap Poll: Ricky's Last Confession. Christine swanned in just in time to duck out of her real job so she could defend her ex. News soon filtered out from the station that Daniel had been cleared thanks to the evidence Michael collected from the hotel trash collector. Daniel nodded in approval at the news. His mother seemed much more on edge about it. Meanwhile, Chelsea was relieved to get her GED after she and Adam had been diving for pleasure pearls all morning. And strangely well-behaved babies dominated the rest of the scenes, leaving the week on a rather fuzzy note.

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