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Restless Rant
Week of June 25 – 29:

Monday – Will You Marry Me?
I didn’t actually watch this episode, so just a few comments from the recap: The Adam/Chelsea stuff seems very genuine. It appears that Adam does love Chelsea – perhaps for different reasons than he loves Sharon. The dynamic is different, although the common denominator is that both women believe in him, like his mother did. In any case, the scene in the rain was probably truly romantic – sorry I missed it! The Daisy disappearance and Abby abduction were both developing news on this episode. How great was it to see Abby getting back to her naughty Naked Heiress self! I've been waiting for that for a while. Carmine may have started out with an agenda, but does anyone doubt Abby will end up completely in charge? So funny! Meanwhile, Tucker was there for Ashley when she realized her daughter was missing, which was terrific. It's realistic that in the face of an event like this everything negative that happened between them would fall by the wayside – so glad Ash allowed herself to lean on him!

Tuesday – Witch Hunt.
Katherine, like Victor, isn’t quite as worried about Abby as everyone else. I quite liked this - they’ve been around the block a few times and know the score! Nikki, meanwhile, used Abby’s disappearance as an excuse to beeline it over to the ranch to see Victor. Sigh. Sharon appeared doing her ‘Lady of the Manor’ impression, so Nikki retreated. The helicopter signaled the arrival of none other than Ronan Malloy – a very odd choice on Victor’s part considering the animosity between the two, but however we get Ronan back, we'll take him. Meanwhile, in a motel somewhere, as expected, Carmine realized he was in just a bit over his head. He and Abby sparred – loved the chemistry – and Abby scored a hug. Yumsters. At the penthouse, Daniel and Phyllis did a little verbal dancing as they tried to determine what the other might be hiding re: Daisy’s disappearance. When that proved fruitless, they headed down to Crimson Lights just in time to hear Michael scolding Kevin for trying to help Daisy. Honestly, Kevin has been on my last nerve with his defending Daisy crap. Over at the Club, Ricky rooted through Daisy's purse in his suite. Yikes!

Wednesday – Clean Slate It.
Today it came out that the blood on Daisy’s scarf was Daniel’s – so the stuff started to hit the fan. Kevin irritated me even more by tattling on Daniel to Heather. With friends like him... Yeesh. Ricky, of course, dug Daniel a deeper hole by making it look like he'd used Daisy's credit card and phone. Meanwhile, Genoa City’s answer to Nancy Drew, aka Eden Baldwin, showed up at Ricky’s door, played him, and went back to search his suite. When she found Daisy’s wallet and phone, we knew her goose was cooked.

Meanwhile, in the Club dining room, Cane and Lily threw a party for the twins’ birthday, complete with awkward run-ins and estranged family members. Ana arrived at the party, seemingly for the sole purpose of sweet-talking stubborn ol’ Devon, and made him see how senseless it was to stay mad at Harmony. So it was a Super Harmony love-in again, as Sofia suggested Lily ask her to stay, Ana hugged her, and Devon apologized. Oh, and by the way, Neil needs to stop eyeballing Harmony like a big creeper every time she enters a room. It's icky. In other party news, Cane was stunned to get some retro toys, which somehow indicated that Colin was up to his old tricks. Intriguing.

Thursday – Now I’ll Have To Kill You.
Things really took a turn for the psychotic today in Genoa City, as Ricky found out Eden knew his secret (well, one of them) and told her he’d have to kill her. Those were some intense scenes as she tried to get away! Ricky was so cold and scary. Down at the station, Ronan had run-ins with two former flames, Phyllis and Chloe, who both imparted the news that they’d gotten hitched since he left town. Does that mean he’ll turn to Heather again? Hope not – I’m back to running hot and cold on her - she can be so rigid and annoying. Who do you want to see Ronan with? Vote in Soaps.com's Y&R's Ronan’s Back poll. Also at the station, Kevin continued to be a wiener; he ‘stood by’ his friend Daniel for all of three minutes and then walked out on him again after Daisy’s email came to light. You'd think a guy who received support even while robbing banks wearing a chipmunk head would give a pal a little more loyalty and leeway. In the park, Nick pledged to Phyllis that nothing she’d done in the past would change his feelings for her. Methinks that theory will be tested...

Friday – Hillbilly Chic.
Fabulous episode! Michael struggled with his position as D.A. and how it affected his personal relationships as Daniel’s situation worsened. We all saw that coming! Ronan told Abby’s loved ones that Carmine wasn’t much of a threat. Truer words were never spoken, as at that very moment, Abby had Carmine out spending the last of his money doing her shopping! But Carmine isn’t just a pretty face and a nice butt – he got his digs in by making the not-so-Naked Heiress suit up in overalls. Take that! Once again, I was drawn into the chemistry between these two; when he said he was going to shower the sexual tension crackled. "Y&R's" been missing this stuff! Anyway, it looked like Abby called her mother to confess at the end of the episode, so the shower should be the only hot water Carmine finds himself in. Or maybe not. If he continues to hang out with the Naked Heiress it could mean more trouble - we know Victor's not going to approve - that's always fun! Of course, the big deal of the day was Paul and Ricky. The aspect of Paul's neglect niggles because there's never been a proper explanation for it, and it's impossible to buy it as the reason for Ricky's actions, however, the culmination of their story on Friday was still an amazing payoff for the months of trying to figure Ricky out. It was poignant, terrifying, and tragic. It was amazing to watch these two characters play out these emotions, and the intense end result took the breath away. Stunning. Paul will be tortured over this...

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