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Restless Rant
Week of June 4 – 8:

Monday - Two-Way Street, Lady.
Genevieve confessed to 'save' Cane, which was a yawn because (a) most never believed for a minute that Cane would be deported, and (b) most don’t care what Genevieve does or what happens to her. I’d prefer to watch Cane get on with his own life than to see more of this 'mum' stuff dragged out. Gen’s still an ill-defined character, and her 'gesture' lacked warmth and emotion, so there’s little rooting value. The remainder of the episode included Jack and Victor posturing over Beauty of Nature, Phyllis worrying about Daisy and Ricky, and Nikki finding out Jack could feel his foot. Not exactly a thrill-a-minute. I had high hopes for Daisy finally standing up to Ricky, but even that didn’t amount to much. The one truly interesting tidbit was that Ricky taped Phyllis ranting that she’d kill Daisy if she could – we know that’s going to come back to haunt her!

Tuesday - A Miraculous Change.
Katherine and Ashley had the WWJD (what would John do) conversation about Tucker – a down-to-earth scene with core characters is always appreciated. Across town, Neil suggested that Sofia buy the apartment next door. Arrogant much? Thankfully, she told him she had no interest in having him in her face every day and that she’d be moving on. Over at Gloworm, Super Harmony told 'Mick' how she tried to make things right with Ashley, and then doled out some advice. Yep. Over at the ranch, Sherlock Sharon figured out that it was Vikki who called Victor the previous night, and set off to confront her. This boggles the mind. Sharon brought all this up in the first place and then is surprised/indignant that Victoria told Victor? This is another side of Sharon for sure. As for Victoria getting even with her - what’s good for the goose... Over at Tucker’s place, he promised Ashley he’d transform himself into, well, someone else entirely, in order to get another shot with her. Jeeze. The best moment of the episode came when we realized Jack actually won Beauty of Nature from Victor. Of course we know it can’t last, but who didn’t do a little happy dance to see Victor taken down a peg or two!

Wednesday - Up All Night.
Sharon ranted to Adam that his bitch of a sister is ruining her relationship with Victor. Really? How was he supposed to react to that? Anyway, it was nice of him to do her a solid later and save her from Big Bad Bob from the Board. Chelsea sure liked it. Has anyone else found themselves wishing Adam would do something sneaky or sinister? Just asking. Elsewhere in Genoa City, Jack pumped iron and Victor boxed like a madman – such intensity! Good for a giggle.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Kevin teamed with Eden to bore us silly over some website idea. It made me miss the old Kevin and Chloe so much – you know, the ones with personalities. Other coffee house craziness included Kevin trying to talk sense into Daisy, and Ricky admitting to Phyllis that he’s writing a tell-all on her. This, of course, led to a Phyllis and Tim reunion. The look on his face when he opened the door was priceless! At the Club, Vikki threw a minor hissy fit when Jack and Nikki got engaged, but she was placated when he brought up Beauty of Nature. Her good mood restored, Vikki offered Billy a sexy all-nighter!

Thursday - Selling Them Both Short.
I’m not sure what part of 'your accounts will be frozen and assets will be seized' Genevieve didn’t understand, but she seemed bewildered when her credit cards were declined at Gloworm. Across the room, the legal eagles in town realigned at warp speed as Michael asked Avery to take over his practice, and welcomed Heather back, hoping she’d agree to be A.D.A. It’s hard to imagine why he’d want someone with such a terrible track record. In any case, so dazzling was the unspeakable shade of Heather’s hair, I missed some of their conversation. Safe to say she was playing hard to get about it all. At the Club, Paul was filling Lauren in on Ricky, when Ricky crept up on them – such a lurker! Later, Heather and Ricky had words. Over at Tim’s place, Phyllis sniffed around and left with a threat hanging in the air. She then rushed home to tell Nick she wanted to get hitched because she was 'showing' – methinks she was more worried about her past being exposed than her baby bump. Meanwhile, Ashley found Tucker trying to give Genevieve the bum’s rush, and decided she’ll never trust him again - kind of sad all the way around. At Gloworm, Michael was sworn in as D.A., setting the stage for him to be in the horribly awkward position of having to prosecute people like Kevin, Phyllis, Gloria, or Lauren, should they end up on the wrong side of the law again. Eek.

Friday - Tick Tock.
Plans for Phyllis and Nick’s quickie wedding went into high gear. Phyllis elected not to have people who despise her at the ceremony, which opened the door for ensuing drama. At Crimson Lights, Paul told Heather his concerns about Ricky, and then forbade her to do anything about it. Sigh. Ricky lost his cool completely over at Tim’s place – scary stuff! Tim managed to call a spade a spade and get him out the door; but I don’t like the doc’s chances at this point. At the Club, Jack set himself up to look like a fool by bragging to Victor about Beauty of Nature, and then having to go to Abby for funds. Yeesh. Nearby, Nikki had another go at Sharon over sleeping with all the Newman men. What can you say? Back at the penthouse, Phyllis inexplicably dismissed Avery and Lauren, thereby leaving her alone for Daisy’s fateful visit. The scenes were intense - a whirlwind of bitchiness and drama! The concept of Phyllis seeing her past self mirrored by Daisy and having to confront it after all this time is truly soapy excellence. Over at Gloworm, just as everyone was beginning to notice Phyllis’ absence, Sharon crashed the gathering in a bright pink dress guaranteed to stand out. Again, I’m not quite on board with where Sharon’s coming from these days. Why would she even want to be there? Should Sharon have crashed the wedding? Let us know what you think by voting in’s Y&R Wedding Crasher poll.

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- Candace Young