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Week of May 14 – 18:

Monday - You Did It!
Daniel got slapped back to his new reality when Daisy and Phyllis showed up at Jimmy’s Bar. Eden's showing signs of having a death wish – she’s now on the wrong side of Ricky, Abby, and Daisy! Later, Phyllis got real with Daisy, which was refreshing. Daniel wouldn’t agree to annul the marriage – it will be interesting to see what Danny will tell him. After, Phyllis found herself trapped in the elevator with creepy Ricky – bone-chilling. Over at therapy, Billy did a stand-up job of telling a disheartened Jack to buck up – he reminded me of John. Over at Abby’s, Ashley hit the nail on the head when she told Tucker, who asked her, "Don’t do this," that she didn’t do this – he did. Thank you. I just love any scenes with the Abbott siblings – they are the heart of "Y&R."

Tuesday - Disturbing On So Many Levels.
I got a kick out of Katherine asking Victor what the hell he was doing with Sharon, but it’s beyond me why they’ve made Kay the official campaign chair for a Nikki/Victor reunion – drives me nuts! Victor made his way to Vikki’s, where he had an eventful afternoon; he and Nikki were chastised by Victoria for their childlike behavior, he bonded with Baby John, and he also overheard Billy, fresh from a heart-to-heart with Ashley and sporting a new perspective, tell Victoria he understands for the first time why Victor dislikes him. Over at Crimson Lights, it was the Harmony hour, which featured her calling herself every name in the book and Neil fretting over her mental state. Neil spent way more time worrying about Harmony today than the sorry state of his marriage – dolt. Also, Devon returned to the land of self-righteous indignation, reading the riot act to Tucker and Harmony. Please tell me what Tucker cheating on Ashley has to do with their father/son relationship. Didn’t Devon sleep with his ‘Aunt’ Tyra when she was with Neil – cheating on Roxanne in the process? Now he's Judgy Judgerson? His reaction was over-the-top, especially considering he hardly blinked the day before when serial cheater Neil told him he had kissed Harmony.

Wednesday - No Strings Attached.
Tucker unknowingly blew his only possible chance to get back with Ashley when she caught him comforting Harmony. To make matters worse, Ashley then had to deal with Super Harmony pleading Tucker’s case on her doorstep! I loved how she told her off about the ‘image that assaulted her eyeballs’. Too funny! Katherine, meanwhile, gave Tucker some solid advice and he followed it – satisfying indeed.

Sofia spent the day putting both Harmony Homewrecker and No-Good Neil on notice, but I wish she hadn’t wasted her energy. She knows Neil doesn’t love her, so why is she clinging on at this point? At the Club, born again do-gooders, Chelsea and Adam, projected sweetness and light as Chelsea informed a stunned Billy and Victoria that she wouldn’t make trouble and could pay her own bills. Down at Jimmy’s, Harmony won Sarge’s approval by turning down a free hit, and they headed off into the sunset to find a meeting.

Thursday - Proof Can Be Created.
The action kicked off with Nikki irritatingly denying to Katherine that Jack was in love with her. Please. Like she wasn't fully aware of it and reveling in it. Over at Newman, Kyle kissed up to Victor until Nikki showed up to go another round with him – this time allegedly over Kyle and Jack. Victor gave her the hitchhiker thumb/head jerk and turfed her out of the office. Meanwhile, it was another 'creepers and crazies' day, as beleaguered Paul Williams learned that his son Ricardo might very well have inherited his mother’s homicidal tendencies. While Paul was filling in Christine, it was psycho versus psycho over at Daisy's place, with Ricky coming out on top. Daisy then happily packed up and rode her train of delusions over to Daniel’s apartment with Lucy in tow. You have to give it to Daniel – he’s not only cleared the way for Lauren and Michael to move back into their apartment, but he now has Lucy living in his pad. At Crimson Lights, Eden and Abby traded some more insults. I’d rather watch Abby and Chloe snark about Carmine and bicker over the gala plans. Abby did accomplish one worthwhile thing, however, and that was to bring Kyle and Jack closer together. Awesome father/son scenes in the therapy room - NuKyle is growing on me. Across town, Katherine finally got through to Victor, convincing him to go after Nikki before they hurt others with their games. She definitely has a point.

Friday - The Outsiders.
Thankfully, Paul clued in pretty quickly about Ricky after talking to Melissa. Christine’s reaction was predictable; she put on her grave tone of voice and warned they couldn’t let Ricky harm anyone else. If Ricky had a go at her I wouldn’t mind; so irritating. Across town, Ricky was intimidating Eden – walking right into her apartment. Spooky. Eden, of course, did exactly what he warned her not to by running to Paul and blabbing. I’d say she’s a goner. Over at the Club, Sharon got the 411 on Adam and Chelsea’s new living situation. Not sure why she was even there, since she supposedly chose Victor, but Adam told Sharon they’re over. What bothers me is that one of the few things you could count on about Adam was his eternal devotion to Sharon – so this is shaky ground. In a classic soap scenario, Victor went looking for Nikki and showed up just in time to hear her seemingly accept a marriage proposal from his arch-enemy. Are we supposed to feel so bad for him now that we get on board with him turning to Sharon? Guess again. Nikki, in turn, showed up at the ranch in time to see Victor playing out a familiar scenario with Sharon and held her heart in shock – it’s not getting any easier for us either, Nik. Should Nikki marry Jack? Let us know by voting in’s Nikki’s Love-life poll. Elsewhere, Phyllis had a hormonal day, doling out real talk to everyone she came into contact with – loved her exchanges with Daisy and Christine. Daniel, meanwhile, took Lucy to meet Danny - fabulous - love seeing the old favorites!

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- Candace Young