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Week of April 30 – May 4:

Here's your breakdown of the past week on "Y&R!"

Monday - Only For You.
Sharon had a bad day, as she learned that Adam was connecting with Chelsea, and that Nick was engaged to Phyllis. Nick’s been seeing Phyllis again for quite some time, so I didn’t entirely understand Sharon’s reaction to the engagement announcement. Vikki and Billy’s parenting scenes were cute, especially with Reed. I wish J.T. and family would return. Tough talkin’ Kyle was getting old by the episode’s end – he needs to exhibit some vulnerability ASAP. Jack’s visit to Victor’s office had him leaving looking like a fool, as usual. Sigh. After her run-in with Ricky, and attempt to apologize to Phyllis, I felt for Avery – sucks not to be able to undo something you regret, such as freeing a psycho from jail. Abby being cast in the role of advisor to Jack and Kyle was odd – what happened to being a brat?

Tuesday - The Broads And The Bucks.
Avery should have refused Victor’s job offer. Michael encouraging her to take the position was questionable – it goes to show how ‘addicted’ to Victor he’s become. Lauren unleashing her wrath on Victor was top-notch viewing – not that he gave a hoot that she resigned from the board – still it’s always nice to see someone get in his face. Elsewhere, Nikki tried reasoning with Kyle. I would have liked to see her get a little indignant – remind him that Diane tried to stick her with a syringe or something. As for the Kyle/Eden connection – not really seeing sparks – Eden’s pretty dull. Best of the episode – Carmine being hired at Gloworm. It was positively scary how in sync I was with Gloria’s thinking! It was entertaining to see how much Kevin hated the idea of him working there, and I like the idea of Carmine being in Chloe and Abby’s orbit. Also great was the fact that Jeffrey found out Carmine’s more than a pretty face (and a nice butt), and will try to use it to his advantage. Fun!

Wednesday - Conflict Of Interest.
I got a kick out of seeing Adam and Kyle meet up – like looking in a mirror! Kyle even has some of the same mannerisms as Adam – could he be the Black Knight’s son after all? Nick got pissed at Victor over firing Michael for all of thirty seconds – this was one of those times I wish Nick was less wishy-washy and would really take a stand.

Elsewhere, Genevieve tried to bribe Tucker into committing fraud using an old photograph – really? Sure it gave Ashley another reason to sound off, but this storyline seems half-baked. I’d rather Tucker had a past with say, Nikki. Over at the Chancellor estate, Michael gave Lauren a deep kiss for standing up to Victor on his behalf; love those moments. Later, Jack wheeled into his living room to find an indignant Genevieve spouting off at him, and gave a smirky, unfazed response – so funny! Just go away, Gen! Also, Adam turned down Victor’s request for him to lie – bet Victor was wishing he hadn’t implored him not to be so evil – rather inconvenient when he needs someone to do his dirty work!

Thursday - Lovebirds.
Was it wrong to wish that Cane would screw his mother over? Sure, the happy families bit has its charm, but seeing Cane and Lily share a high-five over putting an end to Gen’s reign of terror as the owner of Beauty of Nature would have been a wicked little twist. I know, I know… So, it was sweet that Jack and Sarge kissed and made up. Augustus, er, Sarge, needs more to do than getting caught up in Harmony’s messes. Across town, Nikki had her nose in the air over the impending nuptials of Nick and Phyllis – just a tad amusing considering how many times she and Victor have gone back and forth. This was the episode when everyone started to ‘guess’ that Phyllis must be pregnant – she and Nick have been back together for a while, have been married before, and have a child together, so having everyone jump to the conclusion that she’s expecting seemed dumb. Jill made plans to head to Australia to help out Phillip – did anyone else start wondering about Colin? Hmm. Jill and Genevieve’s snarky run-in was classic soap – enjoyed that scene. Best of the episode – Murphy’s romantic diner anniversary surprise for Katherine – how fun to see Pearl and Joe again, and so romantic. Loved it!

Friday - The Chew Toy.
Ack! Seeing Victor refer to Victoria’s son as a bastard, and then minutes later walk over and ask to get to know the little boy was a bit of a quick turnaround for me. Victoria’s concern about Sharon and Victor was right on – love to see Vikki and Sharon face-off. Phyllis began spotting, so she may lose the baby or maybe it’s going to be a high-risk pregnancy? In other news, Victor wants to strongarm Chelsea into leaving town. It was nice to see Adam’s edgy side reappear when he suggested he could turn $10 million into $100 million. As for the Adam/Chelsea hook-up – it was lacking that element where you’re practically jumping out of your seat, overwhelmed with wanting them to get it on - no real fireworks. Across town, Billy got nowhere with super-stubborn Kyle – I’m with Jack; the kid is going to have to learn about Victor for himself. As always, it was entertaining to see Billy and Victor have a go at each other, no holds barred. It will be interesting to see if Victoria and Billy have conflict over him telling her they need to discuss ‘boundaries’ where Victor and Baby John are concerned. Boundaries might also be something for Sharon to think about! I don’t know what she’s smoking to believe that Victor doesn’t think she’s pathetic – he thinks everyone is pathetic! Anyway, I don’t understand her running to kiss Victor – couldn’t she have visited Sam, or found someone else in town to hang with? She says she’s attracted to Victor because he sees her as capable (think she's confusing him with Adam) - so then why is she depicted as not strong enough to handle being single? Hrm. What do you think of Victor and Sharon as a romantic duo? Let us know by voting in Soaps.com’s Victor and Sharon poll.

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