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Restless Rant
Week of April 23 – 27:

To switch things up, this week’s edition of the Rant will be a day-by-day breakdown hitting on the events that stood out. Sound off with your comments after reading!

Monday - Cookies To Sell?
Mark it down in the history books – Victor claimed to be powerless! Of course, this was when Nick asked him to call in a favor with the judge on Daniel’s custody case. Unheard of! Later, Phyllis was ready to rip Daisy’s face off – loved the intensity, and this stuff still makes me think Daisy will end up dead with people like Phyllis and Lauren as suspects. At Crimson Lights, Sofia got up in Harmony’s face a bit (finally) and Harmony pretended Sarge was her boyfriend. Didn’t see that coming… Elsewhere, Ricky told Daisy he’ll be digging up dirt on his former boss – I still can’t decide if it works for me that he’s such a slimeball, but he's definitely shaping up as a viable nemesis for tough cookie, Phyllis. Best scene of the episode – Jack opens his front door to Victor and asks if he’s selling cookies. Spew your drink across the room funny – it’s always such a treat when these two face-off with their one-liners!

Tuesday - A Generous Percentage For Lying.
Genevieve irritated me today, running from Victor to Tucker – and why would Tucker help her after she screwed him over? Meh. Lauren finally got to point her gun at Daisy – don’t tell me she wasn’t dying to do this since the day she acquired it! The whole thing that bothers me is how unrealistic it is that Daisy would even be allowed anywhere near Lauren, her building, her family, or her business. Delusional Daisy then ran to the penthouse looking for sympathy from Daniel – just bizarre. Over at Devon’s studio, he inexplicably encouraged Harmony and Neil to dance together, and then they all went to celebrate Devon’s success – except Harmony did a runner because she’s addicted to Neil, Neil left the party to chase after Harmony, and Tucker dumped Devon and Ashley to schmooze with Genevieve at the bar! Egad.

Wednesday - Temptation.
Today, Neil and Harmony held an inane conversation at the Chancellor estate. First off, Neil’s an arse. Why is it that he holds himself and his family members to such high standards in every aspect of life – yet he is utterly incapable of self-control when it comes to cheating? Secondly, this storyline feels irritatingly predictable – soap opera love triangle 101 - how about some totally unexpected twists ahead? Meanwhile, down at the station, Michael yelled at Phyllis for not telling him Lauren had a gun, but gave Jill a free pass. Huh? The scene with Lauren in her cell having a flashback was much appreciated as it gave a vivid reminder of why she is acting the way she is right now. Best scene of the day – Katherine working at Fenmore’s. Love Katherine, loved the comic relief!

Thursday - Best Brothers.
It’s good that Cane is continuing to make an effort with his mother, and that Lily is backing him up, but honestly, Genevieve comes across as such a dud sometimes that you couldn’t blame him if he gave up. At the station, Lauren wasn’t happy to see Michael canoodling with Avery, and I think that’s fair – Avery did fight to get Daisy released and wouldn’t listen to anyone who advised her against it. Elsewhere, the SEC agents made the rounds – for anyone who still cares about Beauty of Nature this could prove interesting, but for those of us who believe Victor will end up with it regardless, it’s tough to get too hot and bothered. Over at the courthouse, Chelsea came through on the adoption – hurray for feel good moments! Across town at Newman Enterprises, Victor went into tyrant mode and fired the ever-faithful Michael. Michael, this could be the best thing to ever happen to you!

Friday - The Smell Of Seafood.
This episode was pretty darn good! Abby and Chloe bonded over their dislike of Carmine – foreshadowing of a coming triangle with any luck. Ashley tore into Jack about this surgery he had planned – classic Abbott family dynamics! Billy and Victoria asked Chloe and Kevin to be John’s godparents – just weird. Phyllis got nauseous at the sight of Jeffrey…and his seafood, and later discovered she is pregnant. This was an unexpected twist! The scenes between her and Nick keep surprising me – this new, mature approach is somewhat intriguing. Sharon, in a rather eye-popping red dress, seemed like a bit of a fish out of water on this episode. If she’s going to make it her mission to defend Adam to everyone, why isn’t she with him? As for Chelsea and Adam kissing, this is a repeat of the Chloe/Kevin situation. They have an amazing vibe as friends, yet are being pushed into a romantic relationship despite having no sexual chemistry. At the church, Baby John was christened - I was disappointed that John Abbott's ghost didn't appear to visit his namesake. Hopefully we'll get to see that before long.

The real delight of the day, of course, was NuKyle blowing into town - what a mess! You have to love it when a freckle-faced ten year-old goes on a trip and returns as a tough-talking twenty-something in a leather jacket with Adam Newman hair. Only on "Y&R!" Anyway, in no time flat the stuff was hitting the fan for Nikki and Jack – "You’re holding the hand that bashed my mother’s head in!" Just awesome. The icing on the cake? Kyle striding into Victor’s office and announcing that he plans to move in at the ranch. Good for a giggle!

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- Candace Young