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Restless Rant
Week of April 9 – 13:

It was a more interesting week on "Y&R." Plenty to comment on, so let’s get to it:

Victor’s diatribes.
Victor really hit his stride as a tyrant this week, indulging in freewheeling rants at both Victoria (about Billy), and later Nikki (when she confronted him about hiding the fact that Victoria was searching for Chelsea). Neither Colleen’s heart, nor the passing of time, has mellowed Victor Newman. Lashing out to this shocking degree at loved ones who simply refuse to be controlled is the most appalling side of The Mustache. For that reason, it was the single most satisfying "Y&R" moment in a long time when Nikki stood up to him this week. After he roared that he didn’t approve of Victoria’s marriage (as justification for everything he’s done), Nikki, matching his volume and intensity, retorted, "Who cares what you approve of?!" Don’t get me wrong, as a lifetime viewer I love Ol’ Vic, but it felt like it had been such a long time coming for someone to do that! Go Nikki!

Jumpin’ Jack.
Jack may be confined to a wheelchair, but it’s not stopping him from jumping between women in a flash! What to say? Jack always seems to play second-fiddle to Victor, and I daresay this wishy-washy behavior is sometimes his downfall – he’s a bit soft. It’s the reason he’ll end up being persuaded by Nikki’s impulsive act to get back at Victor, and will end up losing out on the chance to own Beauty of Nature. Victor will get the company, hurt Nikki by being with Genevieve, and then take Nikki back in the end as well. Sigh. If only it could play out differently for Old Smilin’ Jack just once. Do you like Jack with Nikki? Vote in’s Jack and Nikki poll.

Aunt Ashley.
With Ashley and Tucker scrapping, it got me to thinking what a fantastic shake-up it would be if Ash got it together with Nick. Sure it’s a little icky, but consider the ramifications: Victor and Nikki would both go ballistic, Victoria would be disgusted, Adam would be highly amused, Sharon would worry about Ashley playing step-mommy to Faith, and Phyllis would be freed up to have a fling. Hey, maybe Phyllis could seduce Ricky as a last-ditch method of ensuring he doesn’t help Daisy keep Lucy!

The famjam.
I’m still loving the unexpected emotional moments being delivered in Devon’s storyline. The lead up to him getting his devices turned on was a bit slow, but it was a terrific payoff when Devon reacted to being able to hear – Kleenex time! Ditto for when Devon finally got to hear Angelina’s song and connected again with Tucker over it. Unfortunately, the Harmony/Neil stuff isn't working as well. Both roles are played to a tee, absolutely, but the manufactured run-ins between them aren't pulling me in. It's being played out very typically, exactly as viewers have predicted since the moment Harmony returned to Genoa City, which makes it boring.

Cane and Genevieve making amends over lunch was refreshing, in that soap characters so often mooch around holding grudges and leaving things unsaid for eons. It makes sense for Cane to be wary of Gen, but it also makes sense for him to be willing to offer up the same sort of 'second-chances' he's been given.

Don’t text and walk.
Wow, so Carmine and Abby hit it off – literally. He’s as hot as the coffee she spilled on him, but his Neanderthal remarks to Abby at the hospital made me leery of where they are going with the character. I’d love to see him be a bad-boy with a heart and a brain – not a caricature of a good-looking thug.

Something smells.
That scent-testing session with Nick and Sharon was too trumped-up for words. Really? Every scent instantly reminded them of something from their shared past?

Living in a dream world.
Interesting that the spat between Michael and Lauren was quickly followed up by a Michael/Avery clinch. Thoughts?

Best of the week.
The attention-getting storyline of the week involved Chelsea’s baby being born which provided tension and emotion, ranging from the dynamic of Adam’s friendship with Chelsea, to Victoria bonding with the baby (and naming him John!), and finally to the reveal that Adam was the one who saved Chelsea and delivered the baby. You couldn’t help but laugh at the look on Victoria’s mug as she tried to digest that little nugget. It would be cool to see Adam be allowed to bond with a sibling a little bit, although I hope he does something naughty again soon just to keep it real.

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- Candace Young