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Adrienne Frantz (My Space)

I recently had the opportunity to ask a few questions of one of the most multi-talented actresses on The Young and the Restless, Adrienne Frantz! Adrienne told me about a fun new venture she's involved in, as well as some upcoming projects, and even shared her opinion on Daniel and Amber! Check it out!

Candace: We recently saw your video on Video Jug, where you are helping to teach viewers how to make candles. It looked like it was a fun video to make! Was it? Is it as easy to make the candles as you two made it look?

Yes, definitely a lot of fun...my best friend and I have been making candles for years. They're awesome because they can be used for gifts but they're also a fun activity. It's difficult the first time around and sometimes they come out looking horrible, but once you have all the supplies and get some practice, they turn out awesome!

How are you involved with Healing Heart Candles, and what is the story behind the business?

Adrienne: Healing Heart Candles is actually my best friend's business. It's always been her idea to make these gorgeous candles and she started selling them all over the world. Because she was making a significant profit from the company, she decided why not make them to benefit others. From then on, Healing Heart Candles takes a percentage of its proceeds and donates them to countless charities, many focused on aiding children.

Candace: What can you share about any recent, or current, projects that you are involved in? I see you have a role in "Donna on Demand" with Corbin Bernsen and his mother, Jeanne Cooper!

Adrienne: "Donna on Demand" was a lot of fun and great experience! Jeanne and I have a special chemistry and I always love working with her. Corbin is an amazing actor and it was really fun being on set with him. It was really fun working on "Donna on Demand" because I got to play the role of a psychopath, which is very different from what I normally do. I got to be out of my element and really explore as an actress. It was awesome!

I'm also working on "The 5th Mafia" with Eric Balfour, Joe Montegna, James Van Der Beek, and Armand Assante. I am very excited for this star-studded project and will keep you in the loop on how that goes!

Candace: What has it been like getting to work so consistently with Jeanne on the Y&R? What did you say to her after her Emmy win?

The first time Jeanne and I worked together, we completely hit it off and it's been a blessing since! When she won her Emmy, I had assumed she already won with all the nominations she's had, but it was extra icing on the cake to experience her first Emmy win with her! I was completely excited for her and congratulated her immensely!

Candace: Can you give us any hints at what is ahead for Amber? On the Soaps.com site, readers voted overwhelmingly in favor of a Daniel/Amber reunion. Do you share that sentiment?

Working with Michael Graziadei, who plays Daniel, has been so awesome because we've been friends for years...I would actually consider it fun more than work!...In regards to Daniel and Amber, all I can say is that I hope they get back together, but I have a feeling somebody else will mix things up in the meantime!

Candace: Your music is so awesome! What is happening that your fans should know about?

Thank you! I am currently in talks with various outlets, both television and film, to have my song featured in them! This is my current continuous projects, so keep a lookout for my songs in some upcoming films!

Candace: What upcoming personal appearances can we help you promote?

Adrienne: I will be presenting at the Rock4Change event at the Gibson Ampitheatre on September 4th. It will be promoting the aid of Darfur and Uganda and will be a star-studded event with performances by Charlie Wilson, Rhymefest, and Emmy-nominated choreographer, Shane Sparks. I have a number of charity events that I will also be participating in and will definitely keep you informed! Thank you!

Soaps.com readers! watch the "How To Make Scented Candles" video, find out more about "Healing Heart Candles", or visit Adrienne herself at her "MySpace Page"!

Candace Young
Y&R Writer