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Restless Rant
Week of February 20 – 24:

The "Y&R" week was rather mixed and maybe not quite as strong as weeks past, although there is some anticipation building in a few storylines moving forward. Thoughts for the week:

Wine me, dine me...
Kind of sad to see Genevieve falling for the manipulations of another powerful man so soon and so easily. It's especially ironic since the actions that put her in this position were supposedly to 'protect' herself from Jack, who was the one man who wouldn’t have tried to control her like Colin or Victor.

I want you.
Well, Sarge looks to be an interesting character right out of the gate, and the great chemistry between him and Jack should make for a combative but satisfying therapist/patient relationship. His surprising approach to his work also makes one wonder what Sarge is like in his personal life.

I don't apologize for a damn thing.
I’m waiting to see some serious fireworks between Billy and Victor and Victoria and Victor – not that there will be any satisfaction out of it, there never is where Victor’s concerned, but it will be nice to hear someone tell him that he’s the one who’s delusional (not Victoria) and he’s the one who is behaving like scum (not Billy). Nikki showed him what she thought by moving out, I guess, but she should have laid into him a little more first. Also, having Nikki leave seems a rather convenient out for Victor to take up with Genevieve – not sure yet how I feel about that pairing.

Let's do this.
I’m enjoying the softening of Chelsea, and Billy and Victoria’s generous attitude toward her, mainly because it's a little unexpected. However, Michael's warning to Billy and Victoria that pre-natal custody agreements can be dicey was most certainly foreshadowing that this won’t go as smoothly as it seems. Notably, Anita will still be around to stir up trouble since Gloria gave her a job. I have a feeling Glo will be adding this to her list of regrets. Hey, maybe Anita will run off with Angelo!

Childhood wounds.
When Daisy was released and Lauren gave Avery those dire warnings about what she’d unleashed on the town, and how she’d end up hating herself for what she’s done, I got a chill of dread just knowing something is going to happen. Daisy is such a creepy psychopath – especially when she’s playing 'little girl innocent' – it’s just like watching a horror flick. When she came down the stairs of the penthouse carrying Lucy my blood went cold. It was interesting to see Daniel’s fatherly instincts kick right in despite his constant protestations to the contrary. Other storyline highlights include Michael’s heated exchanges with Avery, and Lauren packing a gun, which can’t be a good sign – something’s about to go all sorts of wrong.

Daddy dearest.
Phyllis spent the entire week saying she didn’t want to see her father, and then went. The tension between Phyllis and George fuels a sense of drama, but the whole situation has a slightly anti-climactic feel since the storyline still seems weak. Why would Phyllis’s entire family blame her for sending her father up the river based on one phone call she overheard? She was a teenager! Clearly there was plenty of legal evidence against him as well. Also, it's been made obvious that Avery knows damn well their father was guilty – so it makes no sense for her to have carried on this vendetta against Phyllis. It does explain some things about Phyllis's personality, so I appreciate what "Y&R" is trying to do with this storyline, but it's still a bit of a muddle. Vote in Soaps.com's Phyllis’s family poll.

Hangin' at Jimmy's Bar.
Ricky’s just a creeper – I shudder at the thought of him moving in with Eden, although I can’t muster up a whole lot of feeling for her one way or the other. Although I liked their drunken kiss before, Daniel and Chloe don’t have much spark now – perhaps it’s the ongoing confusion with Daniel not wanting to be a dad, yet spending time with women who have children. On a positive note, he’s been just the right person to cheer Chloe up. As for Kevin and Angelina, I don’t have anything new to say. It would be so easy for him to expose Angelo, yet he mopes along in this mess with Angelina, who could also easily get him out of it by simply whining to her daddy that she wants out of the marriage. Next.

If you want to be there...
I loved that warm fuzzy moment between Tucker and Devon this week after Tucker brusquely told him he’d like to be at the surgery and Devon agreed with a bit of a smile. Such a short scene, but it stood out because of what it made me feel – worth twenty scenes of plot-driven nonsense that don’t evoke any emotions.

Storm watch.
The build-up of drama with Sharon and Adam facing the winter storm was really good, but the end result, with Sharon gushing that Adam was amazing for tackling the barn fire, just felt like a bit much. I preferred the quieter, more personal redemptive moment of Adam giving Sharon his mother’s ring to the showy heroics.

The newlywed game.
Cane and Lily constantly getting interrupted by family and friends while trying to get amorous made for some good scenes this week. It will be interesting to see Cane working with Jill at Jabot – the twist that he’s taking Genevieve’s position is a nice one too.

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