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If you're going to do it, overdo it. had the pleasure of catching up with Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, "The Young and the Restless," ex-Annie, "All My Children") to discuss her latest 'bad girl' role in Daytime. Keep reading to find out how she feels about the character, and for a sneak peek at what's ahead! The last time we spoke you were on "All My Children." Were you happy with the way things ended for your character, Annie, and how did you feel about the show ending?

Melissa: The ending for Annie was really awesome and challenging. I really liked what they did; how she just went off the deep end and just did things that were so wild. It was really fun, heavy stuff to do. I loved how they wrote Annie’s exit, but I was devastated at the show being cancelled. I watched the show growing up – it was my soap when I was home sick from school. So, that show forever changed my life, and being there for four and a half years, my first real gig; as someone on the show I was devastated, and as a fan I was devastated. How did the offer to join "Y&R" come about?

Melissa: I just got a call from my manager saying that Maria Bell wanted to meet with me and tell me about a new character. I met her for the first time – she was awesome – and she told me about the part, which sounded really fun and really juicy. I kind of listened to the story as a fan and was really taken by it, so that’s how it all came about. Did Maria create the character with you in mind? It’s perfect for you.

Melissa: I don’t think so, truthfully, I think they met with a few girls, and I was lucky enough to get the offer. What's it been like for you on a different set?

Melissa: It’s similar, but different. It’s like going back to school, but with different teachers and a different campus. Everyone is lovely and so welcoming; we’re on a studio lot though, so it’s a lot bigger. The "All My Children" set was very intimate, very small; everyone’s rooms were very close to each other. Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) and I shared a wall and she could always hear me on the phone. Here it’s awesome because you’re a part of something huge – they’re shooting "The Price Is Right" across the hallway, people are screaming, and there’s a car and a boat in the hallway – that’s so cool! It’s fun. It’s a whole new experience, and a great group of people. It’s been nice. Chelsea’s become a very controversial character right out of the gate. How do you like playing her?

Melissa: [laughs] I know some people hate her, and I totally get it, but if you’re going to do it, overdo it. Annie was fun because you never knew what she was going to do because she was kind of nuts, and Chelsea’s fun because you never know what she’s going to do because she’s a con artist. It’s fun playing a character that's stirring up trouble. Chelsea seems to be all ‘bad girl’ right now; can we expect to see any vulnerability emerge in the character down the road?

Melissa: Definitely. There’s a lot of vulnerability coming when you meet her mom. I started shooting with Catherine Bach (Anita) a couple of weeks ago, and you see where Chelsea gets it from because her mom is a con artist, but way worse than Chelsea – Chelsea has more of a conscience than Anita. So you’ll definitely see that coming up very soon; she starts to feel bad about what she’s doing, and sees that Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Billy (Billy Miller) are good people and considers giving them the baby – and then Anita shows up. It must be cool to work with Catherine Bach.

Melissa: It’s so great; it’s so awesome! It’s been fun getting to know her as a person – we’ve gone to lunch and hung out, and she’s just really fun. And the character’s very funny and over-the-top. A total con artist. We can't wait to see you onscreen together! Switching gears, outside of acting you're a spokesperson for ProActiv. What was behind your decision to sign on?

Melissa: I’ve used ProActiv since I was in college, and I really respect them, because it’s not like they do auditions where people try to fit themselves into the mold – they want real stories. When I was doing "All My Children," I did an interview for a soap magazine and they asked what my beauty secret was and I said ProActiv. They read that and contacted me. They wanted to hear my story, they wanted real ‘before’ pictures, and they wanted to know how it affected me. They wanted the true story, which I really respected, and then I joined the campaign. As an actress, the heavy make-up must take its toll on your skin. Do you use ProActiv every day?

Melissa: I started having terrible breakouts on my forehead, my chin, and above my lip in college, and nothing was working. My mom had heard about ProActiv and she gave it to me and it literally cleared up my skin. I still use it every day as a preventative. Which products do you use?

Melissa: I do the three steps, but I also use their green tea moisturizer, I even use their sunscreen. If I have a blemish that just won’t go away I use their advance blemish treatment. I have the body wash in my shower [laughs] the whole gamut! There’s a new brush that exfoliates too, that uses batteries – it’s really awesome. Excellent. Well, have fun playing Chelsea, and we’ll have fun yelling at you on our televisions screens. Any teasers for what’s around the corner?

Melissa: [laughs] I can’t say too much, but you’ll meet Anita and a lot of it will make sense.

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- Candace Young