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Week of August 4th - 8th

The action in Genoa City has been moving at a break-neck pace since last week's rant! There has been another death, one missing person, a wedding proposal, a DNA test, and the discovery of an on-the-run father (who turned out to be an imposter). Did I miss anything? Kudos to the writers this week for amping up storylines for old faves Paul and Brad. Paul has been running around like a man with his hair on fire! He has solved the Ji Min murder and let his daughter take credit for it, looked after the David Chow/Sabrina wreckage fallout, comforted Nikki, discovered a dead body and helped identify it, comforted Nikki, and already has a baggy full of clues in the Case of the Missing Mogul, oh, and did I mention that he comforted Nikki some more - all in the space of a week! Brad, in turn, has seen more action on screen this week than in any of his recent card games. He's obviously out for blood (Jill's) after realizing that he's been double-crossed. Love it! Buckle up, here's my breakdown on this past week in GC!

Chloe/Cane/Lily: Sad to report that Chloe still seemingly has no soul. She sure is confident about the outcome of this DNA test though…makes you wonder what she knows that we (and Cane) don't! Cane's quickie proposal to Lily was sooo cute! Unfortunately, this engagement probably won't last any longer than it takes to oh, open that DNA envelope the thundery Neil Winters is holding in the preview for the next episode. I have to say that Cane really came to life for me this week. He seemed fully alive, a spark in his eyes, a man with a purpose, virile and sexy! Yep, right after Jill offered him the CEO position at Jabot - such a transformation at the prospect of a real storyline!

Neil/Karen/Tyra/Ana/Devon: Well this is an intricate and twisted little plot, isn't it? Devon and Ana love Karen. Karen has the green-eyed monster breathing down her neck where Tyra's concerned. Tyra obviously has her sights set on Neil, and Neil is, well, oblivious! Predictably, Neil will make things worse by blaming everything on Karen and being shamelessly manipulated by Miz Tyra. The writing's on the wall. Nice to see Victor giving Neil a shot at running the company though. It's about time after all the nepotism he's had to put up with over there! And what's up with Devon wanting to drop out of school to pursue music?! This from the guy who, about a month ago, lectured, ranted, and raved at Lily when she wanted to drop out to pursue modeling?! Get real!

Michael/Lauren/Kevin/Jana: The 'imposter father' red herring was kind of a drag! But I just know it will be worth having endured it when Michael and Kevin track down the real Baldwin patriarch as played by the fabulous Michael Gross - the anticipation of watching him and Christian LeBlanc (Michael) in scenes together is sublime. And wait until they throw Judith Chapman (Gloria) and Ted Shackleford (Jeffrey) into the mix! Bliss! And Greg Rikaart (Kevin) and Emily O'Brien (Jana) too! What a fireball of acting (and comedic) talent Y&R has in this dysfunctional family unit! Speaking of which, please give Tracy Bregman (Lauren) something to do besides pat Michael's arm and soothe his nerves!

The Restless Style Gang: 'United we stand, divided we fall'. It will be interesting to see how much longer the foursome can hold it together in light of the fact that relations have degenerated to the point where they are working AGAINST each other! Jack, it seems, should have bought the Genoa City Enquirer instead! He's got a real nose for sleazy, tabloid journalism! The interesting dynamic this week is the writers' take on Phyllis and Sharon. Sharon is showing her little devil horns, and Phyllis is being oddly (and hypocritically) judgmental of others' wrongdoings. Are these two each being influenced toward good and evil by their husbands? It's not clear yet, but I, for one, prefer both women being written as real human beings, not all good, not all bad, learning from past mistakes in some respects, making new mistakes at other times. It sure beats watching the characters who are written like bad caricatures…calling Chloe!

The Jabot Gang: What's going on with Jill NOW? Personally, I think she's off her rocker. She's (a) double-crossed the only person who was on her side in the whole business - Brad, and (b) appointed a person with almost zero business experience to run the company - Cane! Incidentally, this is exactly what she accused Katherine of doing when she hired Nikki! The fact that it's blatant nepotism seems to only make Jill "Glow" more! What will Katherine say? That's unclear. Cane is her grandson, but she also has excellent business sense, and this wouldn't seem to be a move that would inspire the confidence of already skittish stockholders!

Nick/Adam: The gloves are off! The niceties they've been employing all these months are toast as they tell each other what they REALLY think! I'm enjoying it. I don't even know which one I'm siding with - I just like watching! But, hey, hasn't Adam been a cocky little rooster this week! Talking down to Neil, and ordering the help around… As I've said before, 'mini-me' is setting himself up for a huge spanking from daddy! I found it hard to even feel bad for him over Skye's death because he was making such a jerk of himself. This is the first time I've actually questioned his sincerity since he came to Genoa City. Hmmm….

Victoria: Glad she's feeling guilty? Me too. But only a little. I felt her pain when her best friend took up with her father - I've always maintained that this would have upset me too! Had Sabrina not died, Vikki probably would have come around in time, she was already thawing. Instead, she was jolted into putting the relationship into perspective by Sabrina's accident. Having your best friend die is a pretty harsh way to learn a life lesson! I was happy she got to see Sabrina in the hospital, for both their sakes, and I'm glad she visited the grave this week - I liked that scene. Yes, I can be a softie at times!

Nikki: If I'd got the blast she got from Victor in the hospital, I'd be hiding out too! She seems to be taking it all in stride, but it must have felt good for her to rip into Jack this week! "On what planet would I want to re-live all of this?!" I don't like the way they have that decanter of alcohol sitting on the table just taunting her though - yeesh, put it away already! Kudos go to the writer that came up with the idea of Nikki putting David's ashes in the horse poop! Hilarious! I just hope that David doesn't turn out to be innocent of all these crimes attributed to him, 'cause then she might feel kinda' bad!

Victor: Well, after that heart-breaking scene in the Art Gallery with the opera music, and the little funeral switcheroo he pulled on everyone in town (and some from out-of-town), he's done a runner as expected. Some aren't surprised, while others are reading the riot act, but alas, there's our man downing tequila shooters in a seedy Mexican bar, which he rode to on a seedy Mexican bus. Did you catch the line by Nick this week, "I can't imagine dad on a bus - can you?" Funny! Guess we'll find out soon enough what's on Victor's agenda. Hope it involves J.T., Paul, and maybe Nick donning seedy clothing, descending on the seedy bar and forcing Victor to begrudgingly accept their help in dealing with seedy, tattooed, toothless informants. What fun!!

I didn't mention the Daniel/Colleen thing because, well, it's too boring and predictable for words.

So, to conclude, I'm loving the pace, loving the new storylines, and loving the return to the front-burner for the likes of Paul and Brad. Maybe the intensely hot Mr. Carlton will even get a steamy love scene before too long - throw us a bone, will ya' writers?!

Be sure to leave your comments below - I loved reading your rants last week and look forward to it again. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you agree with me or not, it's all in fun!

Candace Young
Y&R News Writer