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Christine and Shaun! (PROUD FM) will be getting a first-hand look at the inner workings of The Young and the Restless on Wednesday, June 18th, as Editor-in-Chief Christine Fix and her friend and associate, Shaun Proulx have been invited to take a tour of the set while in town for the Daytime Emmy Awards! Christine and Shaun, along with Gregg Brown, do the Y&R afternoon show on PROUD FM (103.9 Toronto). I had a chance to chat with Christine and Shaun as they prepared for their trip. Here's the scoop on just what the twosome anticipating:

Candace: You must be excited! Have you been to a set before?

C.F.: I've been too busy to enjoy the excitement, so I'm just now feeling it! I've been to a television set visit before in Toronto, but this surpasses it. Shaun's excitement makes me look forward to it that much more!

S.P.: I've been to film and TV sets before, but this is THE Y&R! It's like
discovering the Holy friggin' GRAIL!

Candace: I have a vision of what the Y&R set is like in my mind. How do you imagine it to be?

C.F.: I've seen photos and videos, but no real preconceptions. They've got some of the best sets in soaps, so I have high expectations. The Chancellor and Abbott mansions will make me smile, and the ranch! The ranch. Very cool. After watching this show since I was a child, I admit I'm a little in awe. Do you think they'll give me something, like a vase from the Chancellor mansion as a... nah!

S.P.: Small. Only because Jess Walton (Jill) once had a friend-of-a-friend in for a visit and that was the report back. But who cares? the HOLY FRIGGIN' GRAIL!

Candace: Who will be meeting you upon your arrival, and how will your day progress from that point on?

C.F.: Along with the publicists and public relations staff, we'll meet whoever is working that day. I'm looking forward to meeting the PR team as much as the cast and crew, since we've been corresponding for so long and since they're the ones who made this delicious offering. Since I have a bit of a background working in theatre, I'm very curious about all aspects of the studio. I'm told we'll be wandering about, meeting whoever is available and getting as many interviews as we can!

S.P.: My amazing pal Christine Fix, about whom I can say only the kindest things, AND she has wicked hair, is the leader in this adventure. I am merely her perky sidekick, following her around like a puppy. Until I see Daniel Goddard (Cane). Then it's catfight time and Fix'd better get out of my way!

Candace: What are some of the various areas of the set that you expect to visit?

C.F.: The sets, hair and makeup, wardrobe, the props department, dressing rooms, sound department, and if some of them don't pan out, that's fine!

S.P.: I would love to look out at Phillip Chancellor's grave from the window in Katherine's living room. I'd also love a good old-fashioned family breakfast at the Abbott's. Like Jack, I also like my bacon extra-crispy. I would like to also sit in Victor Newman's chair and mumble some threats. Oh! And it would be fun to be in the madness of the offices of RESTLESS STYLE, my new favorite magazine!

Candace: What part of the visit are you most looking forward to - hair and make-up?

C.F.: I admit those departments are always of interest! When I worked in theatre, I worked in hair, makeup and props! The gossip is always great in these departments, but it's about the whole experience for me. I'd really like to get as much from this visit as I can, for the fans. This is all for them!

S.P.: I travel with my own hair and make up team, so that part won't be the most fun :(

Candace: Imagine you run smack into Eric Braeden - The Great Victor Newman - what will you say?

C.F.: Hrm, no idea! Apologize?! *grins* Maybe ask if I could record his "Victor Newman voice" yelling; "Go to for all your soap news now! You got that?"

S.P.: Stop mumbling! (I would also ask him to take my face in his hands, look down at it and deep into my eyes and say, 'My beautiful Ashley ...')

Candace: Whom would you most like to run into and chat with while you're there? Who would make you feel starstruck?

C.F.: Madonna, and if she's not around... I really want to meet anyone they throw at me, but it would be fun to run into Christian, Judith, Michelle, Daniel and Melody, since we've already met. I've found that I'm not all that star struck, but I'll admit that when faced with Jeanne Cooper and Betty White (Golden Girl), I had to remind myself to breathe. Eric Braeden's right up there with them. I'd also love to see Jess, Ted and Emily…

S.P.: Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) would be my personal top pick ... but wait! We just did that in the back of her limo in Toronto! Next would be Jill and Gloria ... and did I mention I'm hot for Cane?
Candace: If you get a chance to weigh-in with the Y&R writers on storyline, what advice or input will you give?

C.F.: (Laughs) That won't happen! Can you imagine? But off the top of my head, I'd ask them to give closure to the Ji-Min mystery. It's enough that they killed him off, give my Ji-Min peace! I know what Shaun's going to say... he'd want them to create a new character for him to portray! Watch... he'll say that!

S.P.: Cast me! Phyllis' nasty brother needs to come to town and turn it upside down!

Thanks so much for sharing! We're so excited for you! staff and readers will be eagerly waiting to hear every detail of the set visit upon your return! For more on Shaun Proulx, host of "The Shaun Proulx Radio Show", weekdays on 103.9 PROUD FM, visit Shaun's Website!