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Restless Rant
Week of August 1 – 5:

Despite my continued disenchantment with all the negativity in Genoa City storylines, the murder mystery had my attention - loved the way they had Diane's ghost sitting in her old suite with the flowers and photos - nice! Here's an overview of the week:

My Alibi.
Diane’s murder was set up in classic soap-style, and it’s been interesting watching the suspects scramble and the clues come to light. Great job making Diane look really most sincerely dead too - poor Murphy! Ew! If there’s a downside, it’s that many are weary of the typical soap mystery where all the main characters are paraded out as suspects when we know perfectly well it will turn out to be some other random person who actually committed the crime. In this case, most of the whodunit speculation surrounds Patty Williams as the culprit. Why? Adam telling someone on the phone to lay low (he’s the one who let Patty go), someone watching Diane attempt to seduce Jack through his window (motive), the nutty needlepoint pillows, and perhaps most telling, Paul Williams being put on the case. One thing I found strange – if Diane texted everyone to meet her at the bridge at the same time, why did they all end up there confronting her alone? No one saw each other or crossed paths other than Victoria seeing Victor? Maybe there’s more to be revealed.

As for the scrambling suspects, obviously they’re all trying to cover for the fact that they were at the park – most of them even assaulted Diane – of course their alibi lies will all be revealed and make them look guilty as sin before all is said and done. There should be some neat twists to the story if they don’t drag it out too long. It’s great to see Paul and Ronan back on canvas too – even if Ronan needs an attitude adjustment.

Saving Kyle.
Jack’s frantic search for Kyle was so realistic – well done. I can’t wait until he finds out that Diane signed over custody of his son to none other than Victor!

Support me.
Victoria and Billy have awesome couple chemistry, but the marriage has been nothing but one supporting the other through some sort of crisis or another – it’s getting old – and at this point, they’re both basically wallowing in this ‘poor me’ vibe. Meh.

It’s Chance.
Yeeps, we haven’t seen Nina for eons, and the first time we do she’s upset about one of her sons again, and soon to be upset about the other as well. Poor woman! Poor us – such negativity!

Mentally incompetent.
As I said last week, I can understand Katherine taking the hard line in business, but this whole thing with challenging Tucker and Ashley’s marriage seems like an over-reaction. She says she doesn’t trust Ashley with Tucker’s well-being because she ran him down, yet she’s figured out that Abby was actually the driver. I’m wondering if she’s doing this to try to force this issue. Regardless, she’s back to treating John Abbott’s kin like dirt, not to mention her own son. I’m sure Katherine’s thinking will prove to have validity, or she’ll make things right, but at this point her actions seem over the top – even Murphy didn’t like the idea. What do you think of Katherine challenging Tucker’s marriage? Let us know by voting in’s The Young And The Restless Snap Poll: What's In A Marriage?

Sharon’s savior?
Will Avery Bailey Clark be the one who springs Sharon from the slammer? I’m not so sure. She thinks she can play Adam, but he’s already one up on her. I also have to wonder where she came from so out-of-the blue, or if there’s any significance to her sharing a last name from someone from Sharon’s past – Matt Clark, who raped her. In any case, I’m intrigued. As for Sharon, she seems to be socializing with Sam all day long up at the state pen – so much for the horrid conditions she wouldn’t be able to bear!

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- Candace Young