Restless Style First Issue! (CBS)

Restless Style Logo (CBS) is excited to report that the first issue of Restless Style Magazine is online at! The first issue features interactive items such as "Ask Phyllis", as well as photos, interviews, music and more! Bravo Y&R for making the show that much more enjoyable for fans!

Just In!The behind the scenes video footage of the cover photo shoot with Kathy Hilton, Jack and Sharon Abbot and legs-for-miles model, Samantha Cresswell! Check it out here! One day left and the website Restless Style will be uncovered!

Just In! The cover of the first issue of Restless Style is ready for readers eyes! Check it out! The cover model isn't Lily! Looks like there's a new girl in town!

Hey readers! We've just learned some really awesome news! It's been leaked to that there may actually be a legitimate online site for Restless Style Magazine! The new business, run by our favorite foursome, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), Sharon Abbott (Sharon Case), and Phyllis Newman (Michelle Stafford), is currently working on screen to get the last of the kinks out in preparation for the debut of their premier issue of the magazine!

Meanwhile, an actual presence has been established on the Internet at We have received a sneak peek of the Restless Style logo, which we have posted with this article, and are eagerly awaiting further news about the site along with a video which will be leaked to - said to be coming as early as next week!

As Jack and Nick worry about how well the first issue will do - and indeed, whether there will even be a second issue, the group has had to contend with cosmetics companies vying for space in the magazine, and in Adam's case, even threatening to back out!

The group of entrepreneurs has also had to face up to some disagreements in vision among themselves! Having rushed into this venture full speed ahead, it seems the fab four may have forgotten to set some fundamental guidelines for how decisions are to be made!

What will the debut issue of Restless Style look like? Will Adam pull the Beauty of Nature ads? Will Felicia Forrester and Forrester Creations dominate in the battle for ad space? What will Lily's modeling photos be like? All of these questions and more will be answered in the days ahead! Watch this spot for further updates as well as the Restless Style video coming soon!