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John Enos III (

John Enos III (

"Bring Back Bobby" is a cry heard often on the Y&R message board lately! Yes, our readers loved the dark and handsome bad boy who was played by Boston-native, John Enos III! The velvet-voiced Bobby, who oozed sex appeal, was able to win female viewers' hearts in spite of the fact that he was the owner of a strip joint!

Bobby Marcino arrived on the Genoa City landscape when he enticed the misguided, rich teen Brittany Hodges (Lauren Woodland) to sing at his club. Of course Brittany was dismayed to discover it was actually a strip club, but agreed to sing anyway - under the condition that she didn't have to disrobe! When the newly confident songbird decided to join in the er, fun, her father, Frederick Hodges (John H. Martin), who was entertaining clients at the establishment, discovered his "little girl" in the spotlight, and consequently ended up on the wrong side of Bobby when he tried to drag her out. Eventually, Frederick had the club shut down and Bobby ended up hanging out at the GCAC rubbing elbows with the like of Jill Abbott (Jess Walton), who unsuccessfully hit on him!

Bobby had no interest in older women at that time - he had fallen in love with Brittany. Unfortunately, due to Bobby's connection with the disreputable Saul and his hit men, Brittany ended up being electrocuted at his club - her beautiful face scarred. Bobby stayed by her side, and Brittany finally admitted she was in love with him. After the electrocution, Bobby went legit, and had reopened his business with the help of Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). After Bobby and Brittany wed, they stayed with the generous Nikki at the ranch while their condo was being renovated. Nikki, of course, began having flashbacks during this time, and it was revealed that they were related to Bobby's childhood - he was actually Charles Cassen. After the revelation that Nikki had killed his older brother, Joshua, Bobby left town. Eventually he returned and bonded with Nikki over memories. He and Brittany later had a son, who they named Joshua, but their life together was still complicated as Bobby was forced to go into the witness protection program. While awaiting word that it was safe for her and the baby to join him, the news came that Bobby had been killed by a hit and run driver.

Bobby's portrayer, John Enos III is certainly still alive and kicking! He is one busy actor! Since leaving Y&R in 2005, John has done guest stints on television series such as "CSI: NY", and has done numerous films. In 2007, he worked on the film, "Toxic" with Susan Ward (Meg Cummings, Sunset Beach), "The Hammer" with funnyman Adam Corolla, and "Missionary Man" with action star Dolph Lundgren. For 2008 he has completed the film "Everyone Wants to be Italian", as well as "San Saba", in which he co-stars with Elizabeth Rohm (ex-Dorothy Hayes, One Life to Live) and Vivica A. Fox (ex-Stephanie, Y&R). In post-production, is the crime drama, "Redline" with Scott Baio, and the Lifetime Network's "Shark Swarm" which co-stars our own Darcy Rose Byrnes (Abby, Y&R, B&B), along with Roark Critchlow (ex-Mike, Days of Our Lives) and big names Armand Assante and Darryl Hannah and John Schneider! This spring he will begin shooting on the film "Townies" about, what else, the mob! thinks that with John Enos III being so busy and Bobby Marcino being, well, presumed dead, this is just the challenge new Headwriter Josh Griffith needs - figuring out a way to bring the beloved Bobby Marcino back to Y&R!