Christian on a past cruise. (Christine Fix/

Get ready to set sail! reporter Mario Rocchetta recently caught up with The Young and the Restless' Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) who gave us a sneak peek into next year's upcoming Soap Cruise Fourth Voyage.

"It's our fourth annual Soap Cruise, my friend! We have unleashed ourselves on Mexico many times before, and they're still letting us do it. God Bless them. It's amazing! You're trapped on a boat with us. You really can't get away. You have one practice to find where the life boats are, but you might as well forget it because we never let you get close to those things. You're ours for the whole time we're on the boat."

Christian also talked about the people he's met on past cruises. "We get to stop in Key West and Cozumel. You'd think you'd get a little relief there, too, but no. I remember one time, this really beautiful, sweet, young lady came up to me and turned out to be an Iraqi vet. And we sat there, all of us, until three in the morning, just talking politics and anything else, as we're travelling across the Caribbean in the beautiful moonlight. For me, those kinds of things are gold. We had someone who scraped and scrimped to come on the cruise, a single mother who had a daughter who was now a single mother, herself. It was interesting because there was one from the Bronx and one from Canada. It just happened we were all there together, and shared in that experience together. I sat there and listened, but it was fascinating and so full of joy."

In light of the other actors attending Christian admitted, "Now there's also moments where we're walking on our hands... Michael Muhney [Y&R's Adam]! And trying to embarrass ourselves... Kim Zimmer [OLTL's Echo]! But, again, you have these wonderful times with wonderful people, mixed in with 10-12 actors. You get to see people like Billy Miller [Y&R's Billy] and Sharon Case [Y&R's Sharon], who are actually at the Soap Star Spectacular this year. You get to see them out of work, a whole different side to them."

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- Mario Rocchetta