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Lynn Marie Latham - New Head Writer (CBS)

The Young and the Restless has a new Executive Producer in Lynn Marie Latham! heard that one of The Y&R's head writer, Lynn Marie Latham has a new title! Along with the usual responsibilities of overseeing the creative aspects of Y&R, she has also taken on the position of executive producer!

Latham shares her title of Head Writer for Y&R as with such talented writers as Kay Alden, Lynn Marie Latham and John F. Smith! Latham only joined the show's team in February of 2006, having been an executive consultant to the soap.

Sources tell that Bell Bill Jr. has given a statement concerning the news, saying "Lynn has done a terrific job balancing stories that are both compelling and emotional. She has embraced the history of the show and found new opportunities for storylines that have great passion."

As well, CBS DaytimeChief, Barbara Bloom is quoted as saying, "Lynn is a consummate storyteller. From the page to the screen, her talent and heart grace every aspect of The Young and the Restless. Already, under her stewardship as head writer, she has created meaningful and engaging stories for Y&R's core characters. I am thrilled to see her expand her duties to executive producer and confident that, under her guidance, Y&R fans will be richly rewarded."

Congratulations on behalf of! We wish you the best in your newest position!