Lauralee Bell (CBS)

Lauralee Bell (CBS)

"The Perfect Time." caught up with The Young and the Restless actress Lauralee Bell, who recently reprised her popular role of Christine Blair on the number one Daytime sudser. We learned what finally made her decide to come back, and she shared an upcoming storyline tease that really left us in anticipation! Read on!

Down-to-earth Lauralee, when asked what made her finally decide to return to Y&R, explained that since her character had left with Paul in her heart, when they put Tricia (Cast, Nina) and Doug (Davidson, Paul) together, she knew it was, "The perfect time." As a fan of the show herself, she worried about coming between Nina and Paul, thinking, "I would hate to come back and mess this up." Now that she's back, Lauralee is pleased, saying, "It’s picking up so well. There are feelings there [between Christine and Paul] but they both don’t want to hurt Nina, and Nina doesn’t want to come between them; it’s so realistic, so it’s been great!"

We agreed that it's terrific that there is more than one layer to Christine's storyline. Lauralee enthused, "The fact that Maria put in this whole other twist of mystery of why [Christine] is really just sounded right." She went on to say, "She [Christine] has been out in DC and people do change, and I’m glad it wasn’t just sweet Christine coming back to just check in on everyone; just making sure everything’s okay.”

Lauralee also commented on Christine returning and keeping such a huge secret [Nina's son's identity] from Paul and Nina, saying, "It gets really intense when the three of us are sitting together, and it’s fun to play because there’s so much inner story, and to be the person who knows and then to not be able to show any emotion; I have to really fight it. It’s so much history for Tricia and I personally."

What about those Rose DeVille-era flashbacks? Lauralee laughs, "We cringe at them...the Rose ones we can't even talk about; they have haunted me for years!"

Lauralee told it's been fun being back on set, and she's enjoyed interacting with actors such as Christian (LeBlanc, Michael) again, although she had forgotten how much dialogue one has to learn. When asked if Christine might cross paths with her nemesis, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), Lauralee replied, "I would love that," and shared that before she left for vacation she and Michelle got excited upon learning they would share a scene, but as it turned out their characters had no contact.

The actress is currently on vacation, explaining, "I come back for a month, I’m off for two weeks, and then I’m back for a couple weeks." After that? "I’m definitely open to whatever the future holds. And just being me, I have a few more projects that I’m kind of moving forward with, so as long as I have time to do both, I would definitely be open to [Y&R]. But again, it has to make sense." She adds that she would also like to gauge fan response to the effect of Christine's presence on Nina and Paul's relationship, musing that if it's negative, "I don’t have to come back. I can look at it very objectively."

What about Christine coming face-to-face with Phillip Chancellor III? Lauralee is all for it, saying, "That would be something that I feel would be very worthwhile to just dive into and explain; just the fact that he’s alive." How would Christine feel about Phillip being gay? "I feel like people might think that Christine’s pretty stuck in her ways, but it’s just a whole different time. My belief, as I hope hers would be, is that as long as people are happy in their life, that’s number one, so who cares what their sexual preference is." Lauralee said she had lunch with Thom [Bierdz, Phillip] and they agreed it would be great to have their characters come face-to-face again.

When asked what's coming up for Christine, Lauralee left readers this delicious teaser, "I can hint at this, that I cross paths in a very bizarre way with one of the prominent people on the show and have a day of Y&R that no one would ever, ever, ever expect. It's an insane four scenes that came out of nowhere. It was hysterical and fun for us to do and that’s all I can say. I literally got the script and thought that they [mistakenly] wrote another character's name! So that was super exciting; so off the 'Cricket' path."

- Candace Young