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    This is a complete list of comings and goings, or 'ins and outs' for Young and the Restless. This is updated on a regular basis to ensure our readers have first hand news! Enjoy!

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    * * Scoop - Many of you wanted to know if the baby who plays Reed is Thad and Amelia's. We spoke with our Y&R contact today who tells us, "It's not Thad and Amelia's....."actor baby.""

    Casting Update March 10th

    * Jerry Douglas will appear as "the ghost of John Abbott" on March 10th, 12th and 14th.

    * Elizabeth Hendrickson continues as Lily's advisor, "Chloe" on March 12th, 13th and 14th.

    * Surprise! Walter is still not out of David's life as actor Scott Hoxby is seen again on March 10th!

    * Funnyman Bronson Pinchot ("Perfect Strangers") appears as "Patrick, the publicist," on March 14th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 25th and 26th.

    * Visual artist Casey Spooner of Fischerspooner appears as himself for one episode on March 14th.

    Casting Update February 29th

    * Michael Damian is returning as Danny Romalotti! His first airdate is March 20th. For details see the Y&R News Room! Sources say the show may be fishing for a Christine (Lauralee Bell) return as well!

    * Scott Hoxby is back as Walter and David (Vincent Irizarry) get into a fist fight on February 29th!

    *Watch for Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) and John McCook (Eric Forrester, B&B) to make a visit to Genoa City for business purposes on February 26th - 28th!

    *Signy Coleman will be reprising her role as Hope Adams Wilson as of February 11th! For more visit the Y&R News Room!

    *Raya Meddine has been cast as Sabrina, an art world friend of Victoria's from Italy! For more details visit the Y&R News Room!

    *Actor Chris Engen has been cast as Victor Jr.! For more details see the Y&R News Room!

    *Elizabeth Hendrickson will be coming on board to play a modeling/fashion world figure that interacts with Lily. For more on this see the Y&R News Room!

    *Pat Benetar will make an appearance for two episodes on February 14th and 15th. She will perform a duet with her husband, but will also act! For more, see the Y&R News Room!

    Casting Update Week of February 4th

    *D.A. Dennis Ellroy will be in scenes with Victor and Heather on Monday, February 4th. He is portrayed by actor Carmen Argenziano.

    *David's mystery man, Walter, is played by Scott Hoxby on Monday, February 4th and Monday, February 11th.

    *Actress Katherine Kamhi will play a newspaper writer that comes to the Abbott home on Tuesday, February 5th.

    *Katherine's physician, Doctor Walters, played by actor J. Patrick McCormack on Wednesday, February 6th.

    *The minister that will marry J.T. and Victoria is played by Mark Hutter and will be seen on Thursday, February 7th and Friday, February 8th.

    Casting Update Week of January 28th

    *Katherine is treated by Dr. Walters on Monday, January 28th and Wednesday, Janurary 30th. The actor in the role is J. Patrick McCormack.

    *Jack's lawyer is seen once again on Tuesday, January 29th as portrayed by Rick Deats.

    *Remember Dr. Webb who tirelessly advised the Newman's about Victoria and the baby in the hospital? David Starzyk reprises the role on Tuesday, January 29th.

    *Y&R Atlanta Screen Test winner Taneisha Bennett will once again join Lily as finalist Sally Rollins in the Jabot contest. She will air on Wednesday, January 30th. The other finalist Sandra Chang will be played by actress Angela Harry on the same day.

    Casting Update Week of January 21st

    *Nikki's female lawyer on Monday, January 21st and Tuesday, January 22nd will be portrayed by actress Iris Almario.

    *Victor's lawyer on Monday, January 21st and Tuesday, January 22nd is played by actor Robert Pine.

    *The judge in the Newman divorce proceedings is Laurie O'Brien.

    *The entertainment editor of the newspaper that interviews Marina on Monday, January 21st is actor Joel Polis.

    *Carmen Atgenziano is the District Attorney Dennis Elroy on Wednesday, January 23rd and Thursday, January 24th.

    John Abbott's ghostly presence, played by Jerry Douglas, will be seen once again on Friday, January 25th.

    Y&R Atlanta Screen Test winner Taneisha Bennett appears as a Finalist in the Jabot Fresh Faces Contest by the name of Sally Rollins on Thursday, January 24th and Friday, January 25th.

    Casting Update Week of January 14th

    *Rebecca Staab will appear once again, as Heather's mother, April, tries to convince her to return home with her on Monday, January 14th.

    *Jerry Douglas's John Abbott is getting to be a fixture in his former homestead as he returns to speak to Jack on Tuesday, January 15th and Wednesday, January 16th.

    *Y&R is casting the part of 'Joseph' who hails from Australia and will have dealings with Cane!

    Friday, February 29th, 2008

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