Tyra Hamilton (as played by Eva Marcille on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Tyra Hamilton

* Tyra is the sister of Devon Hamilton's mother.
* She is a single mother who is raising her sister's daughter Ana, as her own.
* She and Ana lived with Neil Winters.
* She told everyone the truth about Ana being her niece, and Devon's sister, in an emotional confession.
* She took Ana to New Hampshire to an art school on a scholarship paid for by Katherine Chancellor, but she and Ana left the school and disappeared.
* Tyra turned out to be not blood-related to Devon.
* Tyra fell into a relationship with Neil while he was still married to Karen.
* Tyra and Neil's relationship ended when she slept with Devon. She and Ana left town.

Who's played Tyra Hamilton over the years?

Eva Marcille (June 2008 - August 17, 2009)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Unknown
Pastt: Unknown job in New Hampshire
Past: Manager of Indigo
Past: Pembrooke Hotel Employee

Past History

Tyra is a single mother who lost her job, so came looking to start a new life in Genoa City where her nephew, Devon Winters is living.

She brought her daughter Ana with her to town, and the two were invited to stay at Neil Winter's place. He also offered Tyra a job as Manager of Indigo.

Soon, it came out that Ana was actually Yolanda's daughter, and Devon's sister, and that Tyra was raising her as her own.

Katherine Chancellor offered Ana a scholarship to an art school in New Hampshire after hearing her sing at the Charity Gala. Tyra took Ana to attend the school, but they disappeared.

Tyra and Ana came back to town because Ana missed Devon. It was revealed that Devon and Tyra were not actually related by blood.

Tyra had a relationship with Neil which started during his marriage to Karen. They continued to date after Karen left, but Tyra slept with Devon and the relationship ended. Ana and Tyra relocated.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

Neil Winters
Devon Hamilton


Yolanda Hamilton (sister)
Devon Hamilton (nephew)
Ana Hamilton (niece, was raised as daughter)