Tyler Michaelson (as played by Redaric Williams on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Tyler Michaelson

* Is the brother of Leslie Michaelson/Valerie Rogan.
* Came to town to join Leslie and find work.
* Is talented in designing and marketing.
* Is attracted to Lily Winters Ashby.
* Blamed his father for his mother's death.

Who's played Tyler Michaelson over the years?

Redaric Williams (December 17, 2012 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Marketing Director at Jabot.
Past: Marketing
Past: Student

Past History

Tyler Michaelson came to Genoa City to join his sister, Leslie Michaelson. Leslie's boyfriend, Neil Winters, offered Tyler a job at Jabot where he met and became attracted to Neil's married daughter, Lily. Tyler has had tension with Cane due to flirting with her. While upset over his father, Tyler once kissed Lily at the office.

Tyler and Leslie believed their father killed their mother. Since being in Genoa City, they learned their father was innocent and he was released from prison. They had just begun to reconnect with him when he died from a heart attack - in the middle of disclosing a secret about a person named Rose.

Tyler moved on from his interest in Lily after he met Abby Newman. They began dating and have become serious.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

Abby Newman (dating)
Lily Winters Ashby (flirtation)
Mariah (ex-fiancee)


Gus Rogan (father - deceased)
Belinda Rogan (mother - deceased)
Leslie Michaelson (sister)