Ronan Malloy (as played by Jeff Branson on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Ronan Malloy

* He is a detective.
* Was partner to Chance before anyone knew they were related.
* Is Nina's long lost son.
* Is dying from a genetic disease and needs a liver transplant.
* Staged Chance's death to get him into witness protection.
* Slept with Chloe.
* Slept with Heather.

Who's played Ronan Malloy over the years?

Jeff Branson (June 22 2010 - November 28, 2012)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: FBI
Past: Detective GCPD
Past: Unknown

Past History

Ronan Malloy was introduced as a detective who the D.A. chose to be Chance's partner. He was helping to guard Heather. Ronan alluded to having a mother in Genoa City and seemed to have a fondness for Nina Webster. Ronan was undercover on Chance's drug case, and after Chloe figured out his true identity and told Chance, the two brothers staged Chance's death to get him into witness protection.

Ronan resisted getting close to his birth mother, Nina. Heather, who did some digging, discovered that Ronan was dying from a genetic disease and needed a liver transplant. Ronan slept with Heather, but became very angry with her after she told Nina about his condition. Ronan was fired for sleeping with Heather and letting her find out that Chance is alive. Chance returned to give Ronan part of his liver, but Ronan was spirited away after the surgery and is now missing as far as his family is concerned.

Past Marriages



Nina Webster (mother)
Phillip 'Chance' Chancellor IV (half-brother)