Hope Adams Wilson (as played by Beth Toussaint on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Hope Adams Wilson

* Widowed.
* Currently resides on her farm in Kansas.
* Nursed Victor Newman back to health when he was thought to be dead.
* Was saved by Victor Newman from being raped.
* Victor Newman was the first man she ever slept with.
* Couldn't handle living in Genoa City with all its big city sounds.
* Raised her son alone in Kansas.

Who's played Hope Adams Wilson over the years?

Beth Toussaint (July 2006 - present)
Signy Coleman (1993-1997, 2000, 2002)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Farm owner

Past History

In 1993, Hope Adams was rescued on her Kansas farm from enduring the violence of rape by a mysterious man named Victor Newman. Although she had always proved to be self-sufficient, despite her blindness, Hope soon welcomed Victor's presence, protection and help on her farm. Knowing that sooner or later this stranger would have to return home, Hope didn't question when Victor soon left the farm to return to Genoa City, but was surprised when he came back shortly after!

Despite Hope's growing feelings for Victor, she was set to marry Cliff Wilson. Not wanting to complicate her life, Victor made plans to go back to Genoa City for good. However, faced with the fact that she would never again see this stranger she had grown to love, Hope called off her marriage to Cliff and agreed to travel to Genoa City with Victor!

Upon their arrival in Genoa City, everyone was in shock that Victor was alive and was curious as to who this meek woman from Kansas was. Victor's ex-wife Nikki made Hope feel out of place and put the thought into her mind that Victor was only befriending her out of pity. Hurt and confused, Hope fled the city and returned to the familiarity of her farm in Kansas. And Victor followed�

Their attraction soon escalated and Hope admitted to Victor that she was a virgin. Nonetheless, Hope and Victor made love and she agreed to return back home with him as his fianc�e! Although Nikki crashed the wedding, Victor and Hope married and soon were expecting a child. With the happiness of becoming a mother came the worry that her baby would suffer from blindness, too. After doctor reports proved there was a good chance of that happening, Victor wanted Hope to have an abortion. However, Hope refused and took a visit back to Kansas to be at Cliff's side after he'd been hurt. Knowing Victor and she came from two different worlds that could never mesh, Hope stayed in Kansas for good and asked Victor for a divorce and to raise her son without him. Victor agreed�

Throughout the years, Victor made trips to Kansas to visit his son and soon convinced Hope to return with Victor Jr. to Genoa City! While she tried her hardest to make it work, the complexity and drama of the city won over and Hope and Victor Jr. moved back to Kansas for good.

In 2006, through an unexpected visit from Victor, Hope was happy to enjoy his company and help on the farm. Although Hope walked into her kitchen to find Victor on the floor, he never divulged that he'd had an epileptic seizure. Hope listened and gave Victor advice when he expressed an interest in following his spiritual path�

Past Marriages

Victor_Newman (divorced)
Widow of Cliff Wilson

Flings and Relationships

Cliff Wilson (deceased)


Mother - unknown (deceased)
Father - unknown (deceased)


Victor Newman Jr. (son with Victor Newman)