Deacon Sharpe (as played by Sean Kanan on The Young and the Restless)

Useful information about Deacon Sharpe

* Had an abusive father; vowed never to be like him
* Had issues with alcohol
* In LA, he lived above his bar, The Lair
* Had a relationship with Amber in LA
* Tried to frame Daniel Romalotti.
* Let Amber look after his son, Eric when he went to prison.
* Schemed with Meggie against the Newmans.
* Fell for Nikki Newman.
* Overheard Abby's confession about drunk driving.
* Tried to blackmail Phyllis.
* Blackmailed Nikki into marriage.
* Had an affair with Diane.

Who's played Deacon Sharpe over the years?

Sean Kanan (July 9 2009 - January 30, 2012)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Unemployed
Past: Bartender at Gloworm
Past: Art Dealer
Past: Partner in Jackie M boutiques
Past: Head of Promotions at Forrester Creations
Past: Manager/Owner of The Lair

Past History

Deacon Sharpe grew up poor with an abusive father. He met Amber Moore in Los Angeles when Rick Forrester brought him to town to sign over his parental rights to the baby they were raising - Deacon was the biological father, and Amber's cousin, Becky, was the mother. The baby was called Little Eric. Deacon was offered $100,000 to give up his rights, but balked at the last minute and took his son.

When Deacon developed feelings for Amber, he convinced her to move in with him and the boy. She did and they ended up in a real relationship when Amber thought Rick Forrester was cheating on her. When she found out that wasn't true, she left Deacon and reunited with Rick.

Over the ensuing years, Deacon often declared his love for Amber, but they never reconciled for any length of time or married. Deacon went on to marry Bridget Forrester, and had an affair with her mother Brooke, with whom he had a daughter, Hope. Deacon later married Macy Alexander, who raised Little Eric with him until she died. Deacon turned back to his darker side after Macy's death, and after having a fling with Jackie Marone, was last seen leaving Los Angeles in a bid to fight his thirst for the bottle again.

Deacon returned to Genoa City, and tried to set up Daniel for art theft in order to get back with Amber. Deacon did a stint in jail and wound up running a scam with Meggie on Nikki Newman when he got out. Deacon fell for Nikki, however, but lost her when the truth about his involvement with Meggie came out. Deacon learned a lot about certain Genoa City residents while bartending at Gloworm. He knows Abby tried to run Tucker down while drunk, and that Phyllis was in the park the night Diane was murdered. He also knew more. It turned out that Deacon was sleeping with Diane and taped her interactions with the suspects in her death at the park the night she died. After blackmailing Nikki into marrying him, Deacon ultimately revealed that he saw Nikki kill Diane and bashed Diane's head with a rock to make Nikki look innocent. Deacon went to jail for obstructing justice.

Past Marriages

Nikki Newman (annulled)
Macy Alexander (deceased)